Tuesday, October 05, 2004

October 5, 2004

No wins in the mail for moi, but I did get some pretty nifty free speakers I requested from Adobe Acrobat. They fold up, and I thought, hey I can hook up my ipod to these in the office. So I have my tunes everywhere I go. Laraine dropped Alex off at the office this morning for awhile, and I was all too glad to drop her back off at Laraine's on my lunch break. She is how-to-put-this-nicely "demanding". But she is just so darned cute.
James & I went to Hell-Mart after work yesterday and got some FOOD, YAY! I also got a movie I had been dying to see, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which I thought, judging from the previews, was going to be a comedy. Not so, it was rather dreary, altogether a good movie, but not a comedy and not very happy.
With our Hell-Mart provisions, we are having pan-seared tuna, baked potatoes and steamed green beans for supper. YUM! And for lunch today I am having a LifeChoice Chicken Parmesan, its low carb but it looks good in the pic on the front of the package, and that is always such an accurate way to judge the taste of something hehe.
I have 45 entries in my new monthly sweepstakes, this is going to be fun! I need to figure out what next month's prize will be, I might give away this Coke jacket I won last year. It's been hanging in my closet and has never been worn once, and according to the rules of Bud, if you haven't used it in a year, chances are, it wont ever be used at all. According to that logic, I could have a MEGA YARD SALE the likes of which Otway has never seen before. That sounds like hard work though, the heck with that.