Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year. May it be better than 2004. PLEASE?

Well Christmas is Over (TG) it went okay...could have been worse. I mean, nobody died or anything. I got some nice stuff, mostly gift cards which I need to spend. The kids seemed happy with what they received, and James liked the crap I gave him. As for my 'gift basket' experiment (I put together an assortment of my fave things, candles, lotion, candy, mug from pier one, beach scented soap) I got 6 positive responses, 2 negative, and 4 no comments. So overall I think it was a good idea. My sister Elaine (a negative response) called me one day to report that the avon stuff I gave her caused a severe allergic reaction. I said, Elaine, what happened? She said, my face is bright red, swollen and I cant open my eyes. I said, Elaine, what did you put on your face? I only gave you hand lotion. She said, the stuff in the little bottle. *jules rolls eyes* she put body wash on her face. I think its time for some new glasses there sis.
I actually got a lot of wins last week, well Lauren did anyway. I won a ps2 game from cartoonnetwork, lauren won some neutrogena scrub, a burton hat from, a pink iPod mini from LEI jeans (woo hoo), a Polly Pocket rock-n-rollercoaster from, then this week I won two sweeps in my nephews name, he won the batmobile that is activated by the tv show, and the batcave ($100 value) and James won the Hasbro set of three board games which is very nice. So the past couple of weeks have been pretty good wins wise. Nothing major but hey!
I threw some hot mustard sauce packs in my purse the other day and of course one of them exploded. So the entire bottom of it and everything in it was covered in mustard sauce. YUCK! I took everything out and washed it (its a nylon messenger bag from Old Navy, I love it, it has tons of pockets)and now it smells like GAIN and I cant stop sniffing it. Yes I am a GAIN sniffer. I found a freebie the other day, it was a GAIN car air freshener. YAY!! I cant wait to get that baby. I will be sitting in my car all day sniffing it.
I had to work today (grrr) and when I went in this morning there was a nice note from my brother listing 13 items that I needed to start doing as of 2005. GREAT. I have to be on time (OR ELSE) (hey what can i say, I am not a morning person), I have to give him detailed reports of everything, I have to take the trash out to the dump, stop getting any packages or magazines at the office (sometimes that is NOT my fault, I tell UPS to deliver to my house, and I always put my home address, but yet they ALWAYS bring to my work) also I have to be polite (I thought I was but apparently someone complained to him about me being rude. Anyone who knows me knows this is NOT true, I am investigating and whoever it is will be punished severely.) also I am supposed to only take my kids to the dentist or doctor on the weekends. HELLO? My dentist only does ortho appts on Mondays and my pediatrician, gyno, eye dr. etc....are all closed on Saturdays. I told him I had no problem with anything on the list except for the dr. thing but its very rare that I have to go, so what is his prob? GEEZ. He also wants me to stay off the internet or he is cutting it off. :( That part sucks. I dont enter sweeps at work, but I do read the message boards at Sweepsheet, check my email, and chat on msn. So I guess I wont be doing that anymore. So I guess 2005 cant be better than 2004. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sunday, December 19, 2004

James, you have a mushroom on your shoulder.

Poor Mojo has had a rough time! After getting him fixed last week, he had been lying around acting very lethargic and depressed. Thurs night I noticed PUS coming out of him. UGH! I called the vet Fri and she was out of town so we took him to another vet. He had an infection, and a pus pocket. EWWWW They had to basically cut a hole in his leg and drain it. He is on antibiotics 2x a day and we have to pour stuff on his drain hole 2x a day until it closes up. GROSS!! He is acting LOTS better and even played this morning!! James and I went to Kabutos last night (yum!) where a mushroom from a neighboring table landed on his shoulder LOL and then to Belks where I got some Chanel No. 5 for myself with money my dad gave me to get my xmas present, and then a ton of clothes for Alex from dad also. They were having a pretty good sale! After that we went to kmart and I finished up the rest of my shopping. Only 2 more people left to buy for, and James is taking care of that later this week (I hope).
I made 7 country cds for this nice lady in UT last week, and packaged them up and James dropped them in a FEDEX GROUND box on Dec. 14. Well I checked this weekend, and it says that the box is not in FEDEX possession. How the hell did they lose a package out of their drop box?????It took me a few hours to make the cds, labels, and all and I am SOOOO pissed off. I cant call them until tomorrow, but I am believe me, and I am NEVER using FEDEX again. This is the 2nd time they have lost something important. I sent a bunch of xmas stuff out UPS and they already have received it (except for one, who is getting hers tomorrow) YAY UPS, BOO FEDEX.
According to the weather channel there is an ARCTIC BLAST headed our way and possibly snow flurries. YAY!!! I hope I dont have to go to work tomorrow :)

Monday, December 13, 2004

No more fuzzy black pom poms

That's right. Mr Mojo got fixed. I felt bad doing it but it had to be done. He had sprayed my quilt, my bathroom....and no way do I want any Moonpie babies. UGH I hardly want HER, she is the most aggravating pet ever. The day I brought him home, he proceeded to put the front half of his body in the water dish and play with the water using his paws. He fell off the cat tree about 10 times, once landing on his head. I will be so glad when he is back to normal. Poor kitty!!
Last week I managed to update my wins page, my music page, and about me page..I was getting sick of the colors and it was hard to read. I hope its easier for everyone to read now. Lets see this weekend we went shopping at Target and Circuit City, went to Cracker Barrel (In search of Alex's ty beanie baby doggie she lost- which we could not find, but I got her a replacement doggie she seems to love). I got the chicken fried chicken mashed potatoes and fried okra. YUM! I still have a few gifts left to buy and I have to get my ass in gear and wrap up some stuff to mail off to some of my email friends. Bah Humbug. Still no tree at my house, Lauren has yet to clean Alex's room (she threw a bunch of crap in there) and I really don't care if I have one or not. I'm not in the holiday spirit AT ALL. Just want it to be over and done with.

Monday, December 06, 2004

The ceiling swallowed my teddy bear

I woke up at 230 am to see a dark figure standing over me, and it scared the crap out of me. IT was Lauren who woke me to tell me that Boots wouldnt quit scratching her door and meowing. GRRRR. I said What am I supposed to do about it? After that I dreamed that there was a malevolent spirit in my attic and it was trying to kill me and Alex. I was trying to hold Alex down on the bed and it was trying to suck us up into the ceiling. Two of her stuffed animals went up into the ceiling in some kind of swirling vortex. Anyway, it was freakin scary, and thanks Lauren.
We went shopping Saturday night so I could spend my Target GC I won, I got myself a couple of cds (Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani) some cuddly socks and mineral bath and some new tights for Alex. (She wants to wear dresses EVERY SINGLE DAY). We went to Red Lobster for supper and James got burned by the extremely hot plate. The waitress informed us that he was the first man to say "ouch". He proceeded to wrap both hands around his ice tea glass whenever she wasnt looking. I got no wins in the mail today but I have my fingers and toes crossed that FEDEX will find me with a McDonalds/Disney trip affy. PWEASE??? Ok I am going to end this now and eat my meatball sub. TA TA

Thursday, December 02, 2004

December Once Again

At least it started off pretty good yesterday...I won a $50 Target Gift Card from an online sweepstakes. I just love Target so I was very happy with this win. Today has really sucked, however. Lauren left me a note that she had lost her retainer and would I please search through my garbage?? Excuse me, I dont think so. I had to give in and buy myself a new laptop (on credit that I will be repaying over the next 6 months) since mine is going to be too costly to repair. (Someone tripped on it and broke the LCD screen) And I went home at lunch today to find that cruddy old Tigger cat sleeping on my bed and one of them had spewed on my rug and all over my floor. GRRRR. Then Dad and I got into it because he kept bitching about christmas and how hard it was to scrape together the money for us kids (PUH-LEASE!) so I told him to just keep the money for me I didnt want it. He said FINE. You are supposed to get people gifts because you love them and want to give them something not just because you feel obligated since you were there at conception. He's not a bad person and I love him but sometimes I feel like he treats strangers better than his own children. My eyelid won't stop twitching and its driving me INSANE. Its been twitching on and off for at least a month. I suppose I will have to eventually either cut it off or go to the dr and find out why the hell its doing that. I guess you can tell Im not in the best of moods today. Although I must say, someone on SS wrote the nicest post today about me and how much they enjoy my site. It made me feel good. I just noticed that Lauren has removed ALL pictures of herself from the kids pics and the Emerald Isle vacation pic file. GRRR. I am going to make her put some back. I dont know why she hates pics of herself so bad. Although I don't have much room to talk, the most recent pic of me on there is from 2002. I look like total CRAP now, and no its not just my imagination. I have mirrors and Lauren has video footage that is equally horrifying. I MUST join the gym SOON. I dont want to be known as the FAT LADY who does sweeps. ((sigh)) Lets hope tomorrow is a better day.