Friday, February 25, 2005

I woke up thinking it was Saturday. Imagine my Disappointment.

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Song for the Day: Mad World- Gary Jules (Donnie Darko Soundtrack)

I went to bed at 9pm last night and slept til 7. Yes that is 10 hours of sleep. I really did not want to go to work today but had no choice and ever since I got here the phone has not stopped ringing. Why must I always be chosen for surveys?? One girl phoned me at home the other night while I was trying to watch That 70's Show....she proceeded to ask me all sorts of personal questions, what kind of food did I eat, how often do I exercise, etc.. and finally when she asked my weight I had to tell her "that is none of your business". I don't tell anyone that information. I haven't even been to the doctor in 2 years because I don't want HIM to know how much I weigh. I came here for allergy medicine, why must I be weighed??? GRRRR. I was feeling very down yesterday due to PMS and it was quite busy in the office so I didn't get a chance to think of anything interesting to post here. In fact, I still can't, hence I had to steal some ideas from someone else. :)

First five lyrics that spring to mind (Must be from five different songs)
Got idea from

1. "Chickety China the Chinese Chicken, Have a Drumstick and Your Brain Stops Tickin’" One Week- Barenaked Ladies
2. "I ate up both the fishies and I went off to the loo, shat out both my fishies in a fishy piece of poo..i love-a fishy"- The Fishy Song-
3. "I came here with my dick in my hands, don’t make me leave here with my foot up yo ass… BE COOL" Shake Ya Ass- Mystikal
4. "Nobody listens to techno/ Now lets go, give me the signal I'll be there with a whole list full of new insults/ I've been dope, suspenseful with a pencil ever since Prince turned himself into a symbol" Without Me- Eminem
5. "You keep swimming into view, I'm hanging on your words like I always used to do…. the words we use so lightly I only feel for you…cause I carry you around….in the background…" Background- Third Eye Blind

First five movie/TV quotes that come into your head (must be from different movies/shows) once again stolen from

1. "OH MY GOD it tastes like an orange…FOOT." Albert Brooks- Mother
2. Jules: "I was sitting here eating my muffin replaying the scene in my head and I had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity." - Pulp Fiction
3. James: "Well, if it makes you feel any better... do you see that bloke over there? [Points to his friend at the end of the bar.] Not only does he own a personalized set of crocodile-skin luggage, but his favorite TV program is Baywatch. So you see there's always someone sadder than you." Sliding Doors
4. Gretchen: "What if you could go back in time and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better.. things that remind you of how beautiful the world can be.." Donnie Darko
5. Cartman: "That movie has warped my fragile little mind!"- South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's Yummy. Have Some.

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Song for the day: THE FISHY SONG

I am domestically disabled. Its not that I can’t cook. I actually enjoy cooking. It’s the planning, shopping and cleaning up bits that I detest. I never seem to have the right ingredients (usually lacking one major ingredient) to prepare the culinary masterpieces found in all those dusty cookbooks lining my shelves. I wish I could “wing it” like those McGuyver-esque chefs who can seem to make a delicious 5 course meal out of the crap in your pantry that has been sitting there for ages wondering why you ever bought it in the first place. PICK ME it seems to shout whenever the cupboard is opened. Surely you know what I mean. Take my cupboard for example. There is a can of organic pinto beans in there from when I decided to go veg again (didn’t last long); some carb-free pasta (from when I decided to try Atkins- lasted 1 week); some Rotel tomatoes; enchilada sauce; canned peaches; pineapple tidbits; pineapple juice (from an experiment my bf tried to make something taste better, which did NOT work); instant grits (I am southern, y’all); canned tuna; chef Boyardee ravioli; hot chocolate mix; 10 packages of chicken flavored ramen noodles; and some stale irish oatmeal. If anyone knows a great recipe using these fantastic ingredients, please write me ASAP. I have friends (Crystal and Beth) who can throw a bunch of stuff into a crockpot and have it come out as a flavorful, rich stew that the whole family loves. Beth even cooks gourmet meals with ingredients like prosciutto and artichokes and makes her own energy bars (and she wonders why all the neighborhood kids flock to her house) I have no kids flocking to my house. Hell my own kids don’t want to eat there. Pooh-Bear (Alex) only wants string cheese and chicken nuggets, and Fartblossom (Lauren) only wants pizza and cheeseburgers. Sometimes I get creative and try something new like the time I roasted a chicken with lemons and rosemary (Hey I LIKED IT) but usually I stick to stuff like beef roast, pizza, burgers, fried chicken, spaghetti, lasagna, etc. Right now I am so bored with all the usual things. Last night I went to bed hungry, I could not think of ONE THING I actually wanted to eat. Tonight I think I will pick up Chinese food and later take a hot bubble bath with my US Weekly. By the way, Beth made
this for a party this past weekend and said it was YUMMY.

Getting off the topic of food, James, Lauren and I went to see Constantine Monday night. It was pretty good, although long in parts (Lauren said it was boring). I thought it was going to be more gruesome horror (they carded me to get in, hello I am 37) and less biblical stuff. It's kinda like The Matrix meets The Omen. At one point Keanu lifted his shirt to reveal a smokin’ six pack. Oh yeah. James had stayed up all night Sunday playing Full Spectrum Lawyer (actually called Full Spectrum Warrior but I misunderstood him) so he proceeded to fall asleep about 10 minutes into the movie. His head fell to one side and he started twitching. He woke up about 10 minutes later convinced he had missed something crucial. Sadly he did not. There were only about 12 people in the theater, and YAY lucky for us, this couple sat right behind us. The woman proceeded to explain in great detail what was going on in every single scene. Apparently her date was braindead. When I left the theater I wanted to scream. Heading to the car, I noticed that someone had spewed right next to the passenger door which I had to open. GRRRR. It kinda makes one long for the good ol’ drive-in days, don’t it. Not that I am old enough to remember that...honestly.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Victoria can KEEP her secret.

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I have been reading you girlies extolling the virtues (SILK, CHRISTINA)and problems (SADIE,KATHY) of wearing sexy lingerie (yay to all those who extolled the wonder that is COTTON). Some say it makes one feel powerful, sexy, ALIVE and men love it. (They are but lapdogs drooling at spiked heel feet) Well, I applaud all you ladies who can wear corsets, bustiers, garters and the like. They are sexy and flattering if worn properly by well-proportioned women and of course if you look good, you feel good about yourself. I myself am a chubby 'comfort freak' and I can't abide anything tight, lacy, complicated or wedgie-inducing. (And if my bf doesn't like it, he knows exactly where he can go..sorry luv.) I sleep in oversized soft cotton pjs every night. I shave my legs, tweeze my eyebrows, paint my nails, exfoliate, slather green gobbledy gook on my face to draw out impurities from my pores, buy expensive perfumes, bath gels and lotions, but I draw the line at lingerie. Maybe if I lost half my body weight I would consider it for special occasions...but at the present time I don't think so. You can move the flab around and shove it in, but it's going to come out somewhere. And great blobs of fat poking through holes in fishnets is not appealing to anyone.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Kids, they are so darn cute!

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I just left the office on my lunch break, headed for Eckerd's to pick up some haircolor and allergy medicine. While I was attempting to pull out, this brown beat-up Escort pulled out in front of me, and the small child in the back gave me the finger out of the window. I have been saluted before, but never by someone in a car seat. Their parents must be so PROUD!!

I picked up a few haircut books while I was there, in the hopes of finding something suitable for my fat face. Unfortunately, all the styles in the books are either soap opera hair or some kind of punk rocker chic. I hate my hair. Its long, straight, and THICK and weighs a TON (it is naturally red, or should I say red with a few white mixed in..GRRR) I would love to have a small cute little face so that I would get it all chopped off and still be somewhat attractive. However, I go into the salon dreaming of looking like Keira Knightley and depart crying my eyes out and looking like a disturbing BEFORE pic.

I got a nice box full of goodies from my bestest bud Crys today, she gave me a cute little stuffed frog, a heart cup, some candy, earrings, candle, bath stuff, moisturizer, handmade envies, was all soooo cool and I love everything. Last week I got a package from my other bestest bud, Beth, that had a candle, bath stuff (in pomegranate, my fav), a book, frame, nightlight,mug and candy... it was all totally ME and I love it. You two are the best!! James gave me an atari console (the new one that has 20 games on it) as I did request it on my froogle wishlist....however, I have since determined that although I was the Breakout champ 25 yrs ago, nowadays I just plain SUCK. I blamed it on the joystick, which was crappy. Anyway, my office is bright and cheery today, with the yellow daisies my sis Elaine gave me and the cute froggie from Crys :)

The other day I was behind a truck on my way home from work...they were so slow I was cussing behind them...then I noticed in small letters scrawled in dirt on the back of the truck "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE". Had to laugh...I just love when folks do that. Have a good one!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Crackin' Toast, Gromit... A NEW MOVIE!

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Click on the title to see the webpage for the new movie!!


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Thanks to SILK for mentioning me
with an update on the gay penguins.
Ok so yesterday was my 37th birthday. I felt a bit down and depressed. I feel that 4-0 looming ahead of me and even though age is just a number, I don't like that one. I was hoping to have my entire life in order and my body in tip-top shape before I reached that age...yes I have 3 years but geez. The pressure is on. We went out last night for Japanese food at a local restaurant called Kabuto's. Even though we made a reservation we still had to wait and by the time our dinner was done it was too late to catch the movie we had planned to see (Constantine). Hopefully we will be able to see it tomorrow night. We came home and I spent several hours downloading songs onto my iPod (now have 1096 songs on that baby) and then we watched P.S. a movie I rented from Netflix. It was pretty good, I just love Topher Grace (Eric on That 70's Show) and he was excellent in it. He kills me when he does that eyebrow thing. HA! Today I have another raging headache from hell and we just got done watching The Notebook and crying our eyes out. Yes its sappy but sometimes sappy can be good. And a good cry never hurt anyone. I made cupcakes for myself Friday night and ended up throwing them out today...apparently the kids did not like them, they were chocolate cupcakes with lavender buttercream frosting. Usually when I make cupcakes they are gone the next morning. Alex got injured Friday night... she has this big wooden puzzle that is very heavy and she threw it on the bed. I didn't see exactly what happened but apparently somehow she hit her head on it. All I know is, within 10 seconds she had a HUGE LUMP on her forehead that looked like she was growing a horn. Lauren filled a baggie with ice and I applied it for 15 minutes, then I put some fantastic cream on the injury (its called Arnica + Pain Relief Cream and it's made by Homeocan) Anyway, next day she didnt even have a bruise. I highly recommend this cream for any really works. Lauren decided to clean Alex's room by throwing everything in there into the game room. Pretty soon we won't be able to see the ceiling in there. I am nearly to the point where I want to just throw a match and walk away. Speaking of matches, I bought myself some awesome candles at Pier One...I spent $43 on candles (i know) but I just love their stuff. I also got some black wooden chopsticks as mine have gone missing for some reason (methinks they are somewhere in the depths of the Pigsty de Lauren). I am such a sucker for candles, bath products and perfume, what can I say? I am a girl. I enjoy being a girl. Although if given a choice, I would rather be a gay penguin.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cat. I'm a kitty cat. And I dance dance dance

This song is very catchy. I find myself torn between singing this song or the NUMANUMA song. I simply must make a cd so I can sing these in the car.
I posted new kitty pics on my pic page, be sure to check it out!
Go to pictures, then click on BUTTONS for the newest kitten pics...he is so freakin adorable!!
the cuteness, the cuteness, nooo make it stop its too much!!!

Here is how my afternoon went yesterday:
After work I went to the grocery store, armed with a shitload of coupons and a very long list. To my embarrassment I got stomach cramps and had to use the restroom in the midst of my shopping :( I headed for the bathroom and DAMMIT there was someone in there. Well I waited until she left of course cause its so damn embarrassing. I hate NO, DETEST using public restrooms for #2 but sometimes you just can’t help it.
Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo he loves me and I love you, a present from down below, spreading joy with a heidi ho
Anyway when I went to flush the toilet the handle got stuck and it kept flushing over and over and over again and its one of those REALLY LOUD POWERFUL toilets. I washed my hands quickly and ran out before someone else came in...LOL.
While going through the checkout I noticed the guy ahead of me looked like Colin Firth (Bridget Jones Diary, Pride and Prejudice) except he was old and fat. Other than that his face looked just like Colin's. He was buying tons of apple juice and sushi rolls that had nothing in them but rice. The checkout girl was asian-looking and she was flirting with him and kept talking about the sushi rolls. *jules waiting patiently in line rolling eyes* Finally I get up there and I had a cartful ladies. She rang up all my stuff and then it was coupon time. The girl took my coupons and started ringing them up. There were a lot, I'm telling you. She kept ringing them up and ringing them up and then she looked at me and gave me this nasty look, like I was a waste of space or something. It pissed me off. Hey I'm just trying to save some money at your expensive grocery store, and you can kiss my big ol ass. Finally she got done and after some confusion about me buying one or 2 packages of easy mac, she rang up the total. Ready for this?? I saved $51.45 using my coupons. I was right proud of myself. Then she started rolling up my receipt and she looked at me and said, “great…more coupons for you” as she handed me the store coupons it had printed out. BITCH. Unfortunately although I had managed to fit all my groceries into one cart effortlessly, after being placed into wafer thin plastic bags, they no longer fit into one cart; therefore I required assistance to my car. Luckily an old friend of mine, Rob (used to be married to Mary-Mary) works there and he ran over and said he would help me. All in all it was a fun shopping trip to Lowe's Foods.
I got home and we cooked hot dogs and hamburgers on the indoor grill. Lauren ate a hamburger, a hot dog, chips, a pickle, then she needed a snack 5 mins later so she had a big croissant...then she was still hungry so she fixed a big bowl of mint oreo ice she still had the munchies so then she ate a few fruit by the foot and made some popcorn. James remarked that he was glad Lauren had a fast metabolism and he hoped it stayed that way. If she had mine, she would be wider than she is tall. Her dad was so skinny he used to have to get LARGE milkshakes from Dairy Queen just to maintain his weight...I think they have like 1300 calories or something. Bastard.
Time to go home and party like its 1985. Oh those were the days. Did I mention my bday is coming up?? YIKES. #37.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's only Wednesday??

I got some more gifts from James last night, he gave me an electrostatic ball thingie and a movie (little Black Book), bought ingredients and cooked supper and washed dishes. Then he forgot to turn off the electric grill all night; shocked himself several times by sticking his tongue on the Electro Ball; and accidentally spilled ice cold water on my face while I was relaxing in bed.

I just saw
that Lauren took my suggestion literally and thanked her ‘amazingly wonderful’ mother for taking her out to Red Lobster Sat night and buying her loads of crap…thanks L.

Woman Runs During Wedding Proposal At Magic Game
This about sums up my feelings on marriage as well.
sing along.. Ma-ia-hii Ma-ia-huu Ma-ia-hoo Ma-ia-haa

In other news, my friend Crystal is back from her amazing trip to LA to see the Grammys. She won the trip from 7up in an online sweepstakes. Here’s what Crys had to say about LA:

GUESS WHO"S BACK!?!!!!! Yep it is me-Fresh (well
actually I am wiped out) from California. Aside from the frustration of this
morning and the battle with hotmail, I am feeling good, just tired. If I wrote
down all the exciting things that happened to me I would have a major hand
cramp and it would be a small novel! I will try to hit the highlights and if I
leave something out I will add later. It is soooooo
good to be home but we had a FABULOUS TIME!!!! Lots of new experiences, flying
a commercial airline, riding the Metro, walking through LA and Hollywood, yes
we walked the Hollywood Walk Of Fame-COOL. We saw some
celebrities before & after the Grammys. Some of
them stayed in our hotel-J Lo, Marc Anthony (whoopdedoo-they
sucked), James Brown (heheJules), Bonnie Rait, Los Lonely Boys, and Jamie Fox. Jamie Fox was coming
down the escalator and we were going up. Nobody recognized him. We saw the Los
Lonely Boys and Ronnie gave them a thumbs up and the
one in the bandana gave him one back. Then I waved excitedly with just my hand
so everyone wouldn't see. The guy with long hair waved back the same way and
laughed. He was being sneaky and grinning-so cool. They were awesome LIVE and
so was Lynard Skynard and Tim McGraw. JLo and
MA did not impress many people and Norah Jones sucked but I think she was
having earpiece problems. How did ya like Melissa
Etheridge's hair, or lack of it? We thought at first she was a man-duh. Before
Green Day went on they called for Pyro stand by so we
knew they was going to be fire shooting. At the end
there was a big boom that shook the whole place and scared some but that didn't
even come through on TV. We saw it on EST at the bar when we got back-wild.
Watching on TV was nothing compared to being there-AMAZING!!! Sunday we got on
the Metro and went to Hollywood-YEAH BABY!!! and
walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame and went to Mann's Chinese Theater and saw
footprints and handprints and signatures in the cement. I got a lot of pictures
of the different stars I wanted. Cool. We arrived and checked in with 7UP and
they gave us free goodies and a $300 mastercard PER
PERSON!!!!!!! WHOA!!!! One of them got spent on eating, shopping, parking the
car and junk. We rode a Lincoln town car to and from the airport and took a shuttlebus to the Staples Center. There were lots of
winners just through 7UP and other sponsors had sweeps winners too. The whole
crew there was so cool and helpful. The room was nice but nothing grand. The
rates were $225-$2500. We were on the 24th floor of 26-after our floor you had
to have a special card to get to the high dollar floors! hmmmmmm did I leave anything out? YEP,
(my brain hurts) Hehe
and my feet and back hurt. Any questions? haha Crys

P.S. I missed you guys!!!!!!!

My friends are winning such great trips, another friend of mine recently won a trip from Frommer’s for a 9 day tour of Italy. Am I jealous?? YOU BETCHA. Ralph, you suck. But I am happy for you anyway, because I am a very kind and supportive person. Everyone should be so lucky to have me for their friend. Except during PMS, the 2 weeks out of the month in which I turn into a she-beast hell bent on murdering anyone who comes within a 5 foot radius of her. Other than that, I am a wonderful person. At least that’s what the voices tell me. You’re good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you. Oh yes, they do? Yes they do.

how sweet…its our favorite may/december couple.
I just can’t decide between the pickle dish or the gravy boat.

I was just sharing this story with Christina the Feisty One, who also has an extremely strong willed four year old.
I was trying to take a nice, peaceful, relaxing bath. Alex was supposed to be watching tv, and sitting on my bed. I heard the baby kitten scream out, and I yelled at Alex to get back in the bed and not touch the kitten or she would get a spanking. Then she said "Can I come and get my spanking now??" Me: "WHAT??" Her: "I want a spanking"
Well I got mad and threatened to take away her most precious thing, her stuffed dog named Fluffy (she drags that thing everywhere) and to turn off the tv. That seemed to do the trick cause she started crying and said "ok".
I should know better than try to take a bath while she is awake.

Monday, February 14, 2005

I like playing with kittens.

After enduring a very long evening yesterday wracked with nauseau and the headache from hell (I felt as though the left side of my brain was being tightened in a vice grip by a sadistic gnome); a night filled with nightmares about murderers and tornadoes, today I endured a very long day at work with the little one. She did not stop talking once all day long. When she wasn't talking talking talking she was whining, or she had to use the potty. By 4pm I was pulling my hair out. An adult can only take so much conversation regarding the Disney Princesses. Luckily she is spending the night with her dad so I can have a nice relaxing evening.
James brought me some roses today (2 red, 2 pink) and Lauren made me a sweet card (awwww). Now James has ventured out in this nasty weather tonight to purchase some food at Hell-mart to cook us a nice dinner. I hope it turns out good, and he doesn't expect me to wash dishes.
Did any of you happen to catch the Grammy's last night? One of my bestest buds in the world, Crystal, won a trip there and was in the audience. I tried to spot her but unless you were an A-list celeb they didnt do any close ups on the audience. I really enjoyed the Lynyrd Skynyrd set with Tim McGraw and Gretchen Wilson, and if I was there I would have been dancing my ass off and singing along. That's the good ol' Southern gal in me, I guess. She should be coming home today and I cannot wait to hear about her trip to CA. After that I watched The Surreal Life to see what lengths the model would go to this week in her attempts to seduce the Brady Bunch guy, checked my emails and went to bed.

After seeing quite a few of these little quizzes around, I decided I would do one; not that anyone is interested in me but hey, I have to put something in here don't I.

Quiz- borrowed from a girl called inky...

Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says:
"We ordered pizzas and ate them in front of the fire"

Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?A can of Glade Clean Linen air freshener I was just using to spray the cats who keep attacking my bouquet of roses

What is the last thing you watched on TV? 30 minute meals with Rachael Ray- The Food Network

Without looking at the clock, guess what time it is: 6:20

Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? 6:51

With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? Rachael Ray making something yummy; rain falling outside

When did you last step outside? Around 5pm when I walked into the house from the car.

What were you doing?Duh, I was coming home from work.

Before you came to this website, what did you look at? A Girl Called Inky's blog

What are you wearing? Black pants from Target, a rust-colored sweater, black bra, flowered panties, and Romance perfume.

Did you dream last night? Unfortunately yes. I was a detective trying to protect a family from a serial killer, and they were all killed.

When did you last laugh? Hmmm I laughed at something the cats did yesterday. They are all completely nutso.

What is on the walls of the room you are in?A huge fan with a dragon on it, some purple rope lighting, several moon mirrors, a candle rack that holds votives.

Seen anything weird lately? Well my tail-less black cat keeps attacking my bouquet of roses

What do you think of this quiz? It was ok until this stupid frickin question

What is the last film you saw? At home: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow; at the theater, it was Lemony Snicket

If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first? A romantic tour of Tuscany, Venice, and Rome

Tell me something about you that I do not know: I am afraid of feathers and fuzzy caterpillars

If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do? Find a way to stop monsters from molesting children and from kidnapping them/harming them. Stop all child killers. I am not going to alter inky's response, I totally agree with her. AMEN.

Do you like to dance? Yes when no one can see me

George Bush: Let's not go there.

Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? Already have 2 girls, Lauren and Alexandra if I had another I would name her London.

Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him? Luke

Would you ever consider living abroad? YES in a fancy house in London town.

Name Four Bad Habits You Have:1. Very impatient. 2. Eat sweets when depressed.
3. Don't floss as often as I should. 4. Correct people's spelling mistakes.

Name Four Things That You Wish You Had: 1. Fancy house in London town. 2. Enough money to pay off my mortgage. 3. A housekeeper 4. A Steady supply of Evian delivered to my house.

Name Four Scents You Love:1. Apple 2. Fig 3. Peppermint 4.fresh cut Gardenia

Name Four Things You'd Never Wear:1. tube top 2. hot pants 3. spandex leggings 4. those high heels that are like 6" with spikes

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now: 1. How cute Buttons is sleeping on top of his mummy 2. Wishing my kitchen could clean itself 3. How hungry I am 4. I wish this quiz would end.

Name Four Things That You Have Done Today: 1. Wiped Alex's butt 10 times 2. Drank 2 mt dews and a coke 3. Downloaded ccleaner on the office puter, installed and ran it 4. Pulled out hair due to Alex's constant neediness.

Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:1. Vogue Knitting book 2. Fig candle from Target
3. Trash can for my laundry room 4. 28 prs of knitting needles on eBay

Name Four Bands/Groups Most People Don't Know You Like:1. Lynyrd Skynyrd 2. The Cure
3. Nine Inch Nails 4. Captain and Tenille haha

Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink: 1. Mountain dew 2. Ice Tea 3. Evian or Fiji Water
4. Lotta Colada from Red Lobster

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Dust bunnies scare me.

Ok I am thoroughly mortified. Have you ever noticed that your house looks fine until someone comes over unannounced?? Suddenly you notice the windows have fingerprints on them, there is a thin layer of dust covering every surface, the cats have been using your leather couch for a scratching post, and there are *things* underneath the tables. My dad and sis just came over for a visit, and to my horror my house was a complete disaster. I have just been using the living room and hallway as a passageway to the safety and comfort of my bedroom. I LIVE in my bedroom. As soon as I come home from work, (ok I might cook supper and wash dishes first), but then I quickly retreat to my sanctuary where I can surf the net, do mail-ins, knit, make my shopping list, watch tv, take a nice bubble bath....I have everything in here,why would I need to be anywhere else in my house, anyway? I admit I am not a 'housekeeper'. I work all week and the last thing I want to do when I get home is clean. Besides, no one ever comes over, or at least that's what I thought. And no one who lives here was complaining, although the cats have mentioned that the litter box needs regular attention (note to Lauren). I have been lazy lately, and I need to get up off my wide load buttocks and grab a mop and some Mr. Clean. I know once I clean there will be no visitors at all for a month, (which is in itself reason enough to tidy up the place) but it has to be done. And I am sure I will feel so useful and satisfied once the house is smelling lemony fresh and shiny. Dust bunnies, prepare for your imminent demise.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Start spreading the news....

I'm going to be a part of it, New York, NY :P This past summer I won two plane tickets on an Orbitz instant win game. I had decided to take Lauren to New York one weekend for a girls getaway. Well I started planning it and booked the flight for June 10-12. I figured we would take an early flight so we will have all day Friday, all day Saturday, and 1/2 day Sunday before we return. Well, Orbitz sent me hotel information, and I found out that my prize included a hotel stay. Problem was, they put me in a crappy hotel. After talking to several people who had endured their stay at the particular hotel, I wrote Orbitz and asked if we could change the hotel, and was informed that NO, they could not make any changes or cancellations. I talked to my sister (who will be joining me and Lauren in NY) and she said we should just make our own arrangements, and say the heck with the crappy hotel, since this is only a short trip and we want to stay somewhere nice and above all, safe. So after emailing back and forth for 2 days, we narrowed it down to the Hilton Times Square, which is ranked #7 out of 300 hotels in NY, and is located closest to the Amsterdam Theatre where we will be seeing Lion King. I emailed Rita to tell her to go ahead and book it, and not two minutes later, the UPS man pulled up in front of the office. I saw him bring in two envelopes. Well, like any good sweeper I bolted for the door to see what he had brought me. One envelope was from ticketmaster and contained my Lion King tickets, and the other was from Marketing Drive Worldwide :O. Well you may not believe me and I find it remarkable myself, but inside was a letter informing me that I have won 3 weekend night's stay at any Hilton hotel in the US. Could this have turned out any more perfectly??? So now we can stay at the Hilton scot free, I am flying to NY for free, this is so freaking cool. I booked us on a greyline comprehensive tour of Manhattan also, so we will be very busy on June 11 (Saturday). We will be flying in Friday morning, and that day is pretty much up in the air but I figured we would do some shopping, maybe a carriage ride through Central Park, and eat at a nice restaurant that night. Saturday is the Manhattan tour followed by Lion King, and Sunday we will be leaving at 330 pm so we have time for some more shopping and eating a nice lunch. I can't wait!!! If anyone has any tips or suggestions feel free to email me, baby!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Everybody open your mouth...

"Everybody just say ahhh... Everything will be all right...This won't hurt at all" -Barenaked Ladies "Get in Line". My fave song this week. Just got a shitload of my 'free' cds from BMG and I have been listening to BNL Greatest Hits the past few days. I'm also enjoying The Cure: Hits. I can't help but feel giddy with joy when I'm singing along with "Close to Me". I love happy songs :)
Well I promised myself (along with several others) that I would join the gym Feb. 1. I got my gym clothing together, my ipod ready, and found two matching shoes. Hauled my sorry ass to the gym and discovered that they have STILL not finished the new section (it burned down in April 2004). They had about 200 workout machines crammed onto the basketball court. I was informed that a family membership would run $59 and that the new section would be simply fabulous once its ready, sometime in April. I said, I will be back then. I have a lot of my own equipment at home, but I went in the gameroom last night and looked around. You wouldn't believe how much crap Lauren has put in there, its so discouraging. I am going to have to just throw everything away I guess cause I have nowhere to put all this garBAGE. You can hardly walk in there for all the crap. :( I guess we will attempt to tackle it this weekend. I need some uppers or something to get me motivated for that job. lol.
Lauren cleaned her room last night and when I got up this morning the sink was OVERFLOWING with dirty dishes that came out of there, with food caked and dried on them. *sigh* so much for her being good and cleaning up the liv room the other night.
Alex called me this morning, it was hilarious. Laraine says, Alex wants to talk to you and she put her on the phone. Alex goes, "Mommy, I love you so much. Can you go on eBay and find me a catwoman costume for Halloween?" this child just turned 4 in November. I said I would try my best and did she know Halloween was a long time from now?
My dad also called me today, and just when I was doing so good on my diet he goes and makes a pork roast and mashed potatoes and stuff for lunch and invites me. I said HELL YEAH I will see you at 12.

My boss aka brother informed me yesterday that he wanted internet on his computer. This is the same person who a month ago told me if I didn't stop using the internet at work he was going to have it cut off. Ha. So, I ordered a Netgear wireless router and a wireless adapter for his computer, and I had the whole thing set up in less than 30 minutes. I'm downright proud of myself :) Now I have spent the rest of the day trying to finish downloading Windows updates. Download, install, restart. Repeat until you have lost your freaking mind. Praise Buddha it's time to go home. Fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob tonight, y'all are invited. (not)