Thursday, October 28, 2004

Well its been awhile since I checked in....but not much has happened! I got a win from DC Comics, but I have no clue what it is. I sent back the affy via Fedex today, hopefully I will find out soon what the prize is! Lauren won again on, she won a jaunty little denim hat. HEHE. I bought a cat CONDO for the kitties to play on, it just came today. As soon as we get it up and I get a chance, I will take some pics of the kitties hanging out on it and post on my site. They are going to love it! :) This past weekend we went to the movies and saw The Grudge. James is still mad at me, but honestly, I just wanted to see something scary and it was the only thing playing. It wasnt AWFUL but it wasnt the best LOL, and it did have some scary moments. Lauren spent most of the movie with her hand over her face asking me what was going on. Dont you love that?? ARGH. Oh yeah, speaking of Lauren, I asked her to do the dishes the other night (a very rare occasion). Well she throws them in the dishwasher with food all over them! I have run the load three times now, and finally had to wash a bunch of the dishes by hand because the food particles got stuck to everything in there GRRRR. Then I opened a cabinet and chocolate milk starts pouring out, apparently she spilled it and it went inside the cabinet, all over some grocery bags I had saved and inside pots and pans. Teenagers- cant kill them, cant live with em.
Also my computer in the liv room has all sorts of menu bars and search tools on it, double GRRR where she has downloaded a bunch of crap. I ran adaware and spybot but one of the search bars is still there, and its hiding so I cant delete it. I am ordering pizza delivery tonight and chilling out. Why couldnt it be Friday?? WAAAA

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Lauren's Fun Slumber Party

Lauren decides she wants to have a friend over, and stupid me said yes. Well they went outside to walk the dogs around 6 pm last night....about 3o minutes later, Lauren comes running in, and says "We were walking in the field, and Hannah fell. I think her leg's broken" Well James runs out the door with Lauren and I put some shoes on and head out the door. By the time I get to the door, they are nowhere in sight, and Alex has peed on herself. ((ARGH)) So I clean her up and give her a bath, and still no sign of James and Lauren. I am thinking the worst, that Hannah's leg is broken after only spending an hour at my house (surely that doesnt look good to her parents) and James has tried to pick her up and had a heart attack (he has a leaky valve, plus he smokes). Finally they show up and Hannah is walking on her foot, and we think its just a sprain. It was very stressful!! They kept me up last night making weird noises into the computer microphone, and again this morning making the same damn noises. Alex had a bit of a fever last night, and I had to hold her with both arms all night, every time I tried to move one, she freaked out "HOLD ME HOLD ME MOMMY". And now Alex has spilled pepsi all over my bedroom floor, and Lauren has given all the cats a bath and used all the clean towels. Its fun being a parent. Someone shoot me please.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Ok so today I had to take Tigger to the vet. He's got a dental infection or some kind of skin disease, anyway I have medicine to give him twice a day, and I am supposed to quit using plastic food dishes, and get glass or stainless steel. She said he might be allergic to plastic, plus the plastic harbors bacteria. So I guess we will be going shopping AGAIN. Went last night to HellMart and got the kids' Halloween costumes; Lauren is going to be a vampire (again) and Alex is going to be Tinkerbell (awwww) I will be sure to post pics on my site. I am so glad its Friday! I keep messing around with my menu page, I just can't get it the way I want it! So if you are wondering why it keeps changing daily, its just me. I got a small win in the mail today, some Covergirl lasting lipstick worth about $8.99. It looks like a nice shade for me. Lauren was on the win list at seventeen for an Intuition razor scented like cucumber melon ($8?) and Jacob won a Garfield prize pack from worth $23. Hopefully there will be a nice win in tomorrow's mail. haha yeah right

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Had to take MoonPie to the vet today, she was climbing all over me in the car and freaking out, and when I got to the vet and tried to take her out of the car, she freaked out even more. It was all I could do to hold her, I really need to find that cat carrier. I made Tigger an appt. for tomorrow, his lip is gross. We took him there a few months ago but the antibiotics didnt help. I suppose after that is over I will have to make appts to get them all fixed. It never ends. Going to Hell-Mart today after work to get some crap, we are all out of Mt. Lightning and I need a fix BAD. Thought we might go to Ruby Tuesdays also. Alex needs some more fall clothes too. I could use some myself but I am way too fat to even think about buying clothes. UGH. I got a win notice last night in my email from Marden Kane, and got all excited, but I just won a gaming subscription and a hat (total Value $58). Better than nothing I guess! I also got the free keychain from axe, its called "pit-man" and is supposed to be some sort of armpit with legs, but it looks like something else entirely, and its just plain DISGUSTING. If anyone wants it, email me. Its free.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

GRRR I hate postal holidays!

They make me want to go postal! After the long wait until today when my mail (and possibly a prize) would arrive, I left work on my lunchbreak to check my mail....1:00 pm and still no mail. So now I have to wait until 5 pm to see what's in there. It better be something good! I have started planning my Christmas list already and actually ordered a few things last week. I am on the ball! Then I realized last night that I won't be able to have a Christmas tree in the like always. Since the arrival of Boots, Mojo and Moonpie (the last 2 are bad kitties!), I know that all my precious ornaments would be in pieces on the floor and the tree would probably be knocked over as well. They are destructive, you should see my mini blinds! So I guess I will put the tree in Alex's bedroom, and the presents as well, at least I won't have to worry about it getting destroyed in there. I got mad at James today because he uses me as an excuse for things. He has a computer business (he goes to people's houses and fixes the computer) He should get paid right? Well instead of saying, "here's your bill", and handing them an invoice, or saying, "you owe me such and such" he told a customer, "My girlfriend Julie gets mad when I don't get paid". Yes blame it all on me, thats the only reason you want to get paid. Its not like I get the money. ARGH men are so freaking stupid sometimes. Their brains are in their weenies and they've got no balls. (my apologies to any nice, smart,guys with balls who happen to be reading this) email me.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sunday Sunday

Well, I managed to get a few wins this week after all! I got a call Thursday from a radio station, I won two football tickets and an Outback GC, total Value $95!!! Then I got a Sony AM/FM Walkman in the mail from the Little Debbie Contest ($17.95), and yesterday I got a Dasani Backpack Cooler($25)!! Woooo hooooooo! I had to go to New Bern after work on Friday to pick up the tickets from the radio station, and we all went to Applebees for supper and then Harris Teeter for groceries. James bought me some diamond earrings and a bunch of daisies for our anniversary, and he fixed the flat tire on my mustang, and got the oil changed in my Pilot! He still has a few items on his list, but I'm not complaining! Alex is back from Jamie's already, he dropped her off at 1pm today, apparently he had had enough of her LOL. She's being ok right now, I printed off a bunch of Disney pics for her to color, and I'm being forced to watch Casper on laserdisc. I am going to do a few mail ins today...and I have 124 entries in my sweepstakes!! I need to work on the page for next month....but Im still not sure which prize to give away. I might put a couple of items on there and give the winner a choice, still debating. Ok, I'm off to do mail ins. FUN FUN FUN!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Let me just start by saying, I do NOT recommend the chicken enchilada meal from Weight Watchers. My mouth is on fire, and my stomach is not happy. I had no wins in today's mail either (sad face) although I won my niece Jennifer a t-shirt on the Campbell's Instant Win Game. I have already won one for my nephew Jacob. Can't seem to get one for Lauren! James is sick today, he's all congested. Alex insisted on wearing her new dress today that I bought her at Walmart, with her pink ugg boots. Shes stylish, I'll give her that. I now have 93 entries in my sweepstakes. Dad just came by to tell me how good his lunch was, he had a lobster and shrimp salad. ARGH!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

October 5, 2004

No wins in the mail for moi, but I did get some pretty nifty free speakers I requested from Adobe Acrobat. They fold up, and I thought, hey I can hook up my ipod to these in the office. So I have my tunes everywhere I go. Laraine dropped Alex off at the office this morning for awhile, and I was all too glad to drop her back off at Laraine's on my lunch break. She is how-to-put-this-nicely "demanding". But she is just so darned cute.
James & I went to Hell-Mart after work yesterday and got some FOOD, YAY! I also got a movie I had been dying to see, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which I thought, judging from the previews, was going to be a comedy. Not so, it was rather dreary, altogether a good movie, but not a comedy and not very happy.
With our Hell-Mart provisions, we are having pan-seared tuna, baked potatoes and steamed green beans for supper. YUM! And for lunch today I am having a LifeChoice Chicken Parmesan, its low carb but it looks good in the pic on the front of the package, and that is always such an accurate way to judge the taste of something hehe.
I have 45 entries in my new monthly sweepstakes, this is going to be fun! I need to figure out what next month's prize will be, I might give away this Coke jacket I won last year. It's been hanging in my closet and has never been worn once, and according to the rules of Bud, if you haven't used it in a year, chances are, it wont ever be used at all. According to that logic, I could have a MEGA YARD SALE the likes of which Otway has never seen before. That sounds like hard work though, the heck with that.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Mondays really suck.

Well I finished the menu finally for my webpage. I didn't go to the gym however, as I only had about 4 hours of sleep. Alex was wound up tight from consuming massive quantities of chicken and chocolate milk, and wouldnt go to sleep til 11:30 (and also because she refused to take a bath unless it was in Granny Raine's sink). Then I found it impossible to relax, and was awake until after 3 am. I have felt like complete and utter crap all day. Have you ever seen those movies where everything is going by quickly in a blur, but the person is walking reallly slow? Thats how my day has been. Now I have to go grocery shopping. Will this hellish torture never cease? I need a nap.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

My first post

We just got back from James' grandparents. They had a birthday dinner for Jimmy, James' father, and Alex was the life of the party. She ate TONS of chicken, it was downright embarrassing. I'm trying to finish setting up my webpage now, when I should be doing my daily sweeps. BAD GIRL!! I am starting a diet tomorrow and signing up at the gym, WISH ME LUCK!:)