Wednesday, May 02, 2007

why would I order an empty bowl?

Yeah, I just got back from Hardees where I asked for a large Vault (soft drink) and they gave me a large empty bowl instead. Freaking dumbasses. I haven't been posting lately, sorry if anyone (my 3 regular readers, Dawn, Junebugg, and someone in Denver CO) was worried. I am fine. Just a little worn out from softball practices/games with the little one, and also quite disturbed by the volumes of people who now flock to my site using the search term "Gary Shandling's Lips". I never knew so many people were interested in his ginormous lips, but welcome to my site, I guess. Freakin weirdos. Sometimes I wish I didn't have tracking info because it can be quite disturbing, especially when a particular individual who has stayed up all night reading my entire blog from start to finish (like 3 yrs worth) now visits hourly. I would love to know who this person is, and that they are not a crazy stalker. I had a wonderful night (sarcasm) as the AC unit was not working and it was nearly 80 degrees in my bedroom. I like to be fucking freezing when I get in bed at night, and I was not a happy camper. I turned the unit off this morning, and in 15 minutes the air had cooled 4 degrees with the AC unit turned OFF. GRRR I called the HVAC people today hopefully it just needs freon or something. I still have no deck around my pool, the guy who was gonna do it suddenly got real busy. So I am getting a quote from someone else. Last year we had to climb onto the trampoline and jump into the pool which was tricky and quite dangerous, so I really need a deck built. Plus, hey less grass to mow. I'm going to go now, I think I will toss coins into my empty bowl from Hardees.