Wednesday, January 09, 2008

fun with google!

It's always fun to see what other people are searching for online....and can sometimes be quite disturbing,
as illustrated by these searches that somehow led people straight to me (I did not make these up!:
*pithy comments from me in pink*

Search Words: Search Engine:

it's not you it's me yeah right

the chinese chicken you have a
drumstick and
youre brains not stickin
*thats because I used PAM!*

matt damon lips

virgins hairy ass
*Because we all know if you don't have sex, you get one*

spread your legs

my sorry excuse of a father
ex husband, poem
*I didn't write this poem, believe it or not*

fat ass movie
*the newest release from Judd Apatow*

everybody just open your mouth

*as opposed to illiterateheaded*

guys with big noses
*its a myth, people!*

"some kittens can fly!"

"gary shandling's lips"

men who cannot commit
to anything

chicker sniffer

life as a big joke on mankind

boil on labia
*someone wanted to see a pic of this?? If theres something growing on your labia, SEE A DOCTOR PEOPLE!*

snowman erect pecker
*until it melts anyway*

morbidly obese nudists

cute little nudist
*attempt number 2 *

candle making ideas.
*well this just doesnt belong here AT ALL!*

"life sucks" get helmet
*if life sucks so bad, then you probably would rather be unconscious, so why do you need a helmet?*

pinto beans adapter
*when you just don't have the right connections for your pinto beans*

three people in the world i dislike
*and I will find them on google*

dew be de lew, dew be de lew
*I believe this was performed by Frank Sinatra*

christmas poo hydie ho

shark attacking nudist

"peed on herself"

was there a real ronald mcdonald
..*yes and he invented the chicken nugget*

"just a minute. thank you" turkey
*there was no hidden meaning in these words, thats how they greet you at Bojangles*

evil clowns

i like horoscopes
*me too!*

i've got socks older than you

kinked penis
*once again, see a doctor*

mexican labia
*Hmmmm I'd like to know the difference myself*

fake male chauvinist fools dr. phil
*is that supposed to be difficult?*

"feet *.* hurt " "high heels"
*someone needs to take their " * keys away!*

moonpie holy
*soon to be sold on eBay!

"pooh bear" erection

midget penis
*someone was obviously trying to make themselves feel better*

why do close families hold
grudges so easily
*if you werent close to begin with, you wouldn't care
enough to stop speaking to each other for years*

naked hairy black women

"boyfriends balls"song
*note to self- download on itunes tonight*

when a pus pocket doesnt drain
*visit a doctor, or you will EXPLODE*

christmas presents for geeky

ally mcbeal penguin penis

tyne daly nude
*perhaps the most disturbing search of them all*

what is that paper inside
new socks?
*and why do you care?*

why cats spew
*to piss us off*

i've got new socks

shitz spritz
*does this come in eau de toilette?*

husband in panty
*when someone sends u a dirty text in another language, sometimes something is lost in translation*

revenge for dummies
*I have this book*

bastard accountant

*I'm gonna buy revenge for dummies and pay a visit to H&R Block, you bastard!!*

no "i don't want another
beer" lyrics

book, "m is for man"
*Was this a children's book written by Richard Simmons?*

"its me. i hate you"
*someone is not gonna take this well*

"what does it mean" relationship
signals girlfriend broke up
still walk around semi nude
*sounds like you could have worse problems, man*

why do cats like rugs
*I'm sure someone knows*

fanatasizing secretaries
*don't all secretaries fantasize....that they're not secretaries??*

suddenly a man appeared
she stopped jumping
and he motioned for her to
come over she
sat down on the edge of
the trampoline
* sounds fascinating I wonder what happens next!*

crossdressers fondling each

south park atheist otter

the ass of doom

hello kitty vibrator
* this is on my wishlist at amazon*

butt girdles

retarded pothead

"kentucky" and "married"
and "...and "quit my job"
and "family"
*sounds like a plan!*

"i made you a wooden pickle"

rubiks babyoil

penis in a mousetrap
*I think you need to get to a hospital, dude!*

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Desiderata - Six

Desiderata - Six
Originally uploaded by CheGuevara-Paul