Tuesday, September 01, 2009

stalker list from facebook :P

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 10:19am | Edit Note | Delete
1.) Take a screenshot of your stalkerlist and attach it to this note. Stalkerlist can be found here: http://apps.facebook.com/stalkercheck/
2.) Write the names of everyone on your stalkerlist below.
4.) Tag everyone you mentioned.

1. Margaret
2. Tina
3. Paul
4. Pippa
5. Norman
6. Laura
7. Fi
8. Jason
9. Rita
10. James
11. Jaimy
12. Jill
13. Megan
14. John
15. Susan
16. Ron
17. Kevin
18. Ian
19. Rhoda
20. Andrea
21. Jessica

→Are you honestly surprised about any of these?
Nothing surprises me anymore

→How did you meet 4?
On Myspace and in real life on my trip to Cornwall in April

→How much does 9 mean to you?
A whole lot she is my big sissy

→What is your most fond memory with 19?
Real life- probably when she came downstairs from using the internet and said "who's next" and Ian jumped up and said "ME ME ME!"
online- when we used to hang out at the Whitehorse Pub on myspace

→Do you know all of 2's secrets?
No but Jason does probably, the nosy bastard

→If you could marry either 1 or 21, who would it be?
That is tough. Number 1 is a saucy lil minx but number 21 would feed me well...hmmm I'll get back to you

→How far do you think you are on 5's stalkerlist?
I have no clue

→When is the next time you're going to see 7?
Maybe I will saunter up to Canada one day and pop in for a visit :-) who knows?

→When is the last time you saw 17?

→How do you think 13 feels about you?
She thinks I looked better on facebook.. ROFL

→Are 11 and 12 anything like each other?
Other than starting with the letter J, no.

→Describe the relationship between 14 and 20.
They don't know each other but they both share a secret love for goats

→Would you ever want to date 18?
He is very cute but I am not sure he is kinky enough for me.. LMAO

→What do you think 9's parents are like?
same as mine :P

→Is 10 single?
He has a girlfriend and he wears her undies

→If you had never met 6, how would your life be different?
It would be the same as we have never met! LOL

→If you could tell 8 one thing right now, what would it be?
Quit farting in my bed!!

→What is the funniest thing you've ever heard 16 do?
He was squatting in an abandoned shack in GA for months (stealing the internet and posting random conspiracy theories on facebook along with various youtube videos of angst-ridden songs) whilst trying to elude the police, but they werent even chasing him.

→If 3 died, would you be lost?
Yes cause he stole my GPS

→What is 15's only weakness?
Bald men with tattoos

→Are you friends with any of 19's friends?
Yes she was one of the first English friends I added on myspace, and she told Jason to add me. I have since forgiven her.

→Do you think 16 and 8 would make a good couple?
only if I can be in the middle ;-)

→Who is 21 to you?
a good buddy who loves kitties and food and sleeping almost as much as me :-)

→What is the most badass thing you've ever seen or heard 5 do?
He used to be in the Hells Angels but its a big secret. oops

→If 1 and 3 hated each other, what would change?
the seating arrangements at my funeral

→If 2 said to you that s/he loved 6, what would your response be?
that does not surprise me.

→Is 4 anything like 18?
Eerily enough, I think they may be the same person. An investigation is underway.

→How much trust do you have confined in 10?
I nearly went to jail for him for impersonating a Holiday Inn employee

→If you fell off a bridge, would you trust 13 or 17 to catch you more and why?
I think it might take both of them and maybe a few more people and a big net

→Is 12 fun to be around?
Yes she is, she is adorable and loads of fun! and she wants me real bad.