Tuesday, October 12, 2004

GRRR I hate postal holidays!

They make me want to go postal! After the long wait until today when my mail (and possibly a prize) would arrive, I left work on my lunchbreak to check my mail....1:00 pm and still no mail. So now I have to wait until 5 pm to see what's in there. It better be something good! I have started planning my Christmas list already and actually ordered a few things last week. I am on the ball! Then I realized last night that I won't be able to have a Christmas tree in the liv.room/kitchen like always. Since the arrival of Boots, Mojo and Moonpie (the last 2 are bad kitties!), I know that all my precious ornaments would be in pieces on the floor and the tree would probably be knocked over as well. They are destructive, you should see my mini blinds! So I guess I will put the tree in Alex's bedroom, and the presents as well, at least I won't have to worry about it getting destroyed in there. I got mad at James today because he uses me as an excuse for things. He has a computer business (he goes to people's houses and fixes the computer) He should get paid right? Well instead of saying, "here's your bill", and handing them an invoice, or saying, "you owe me such and such" he told a customer, "My girlfriend Julie gets mad when I don't get paid". Yes blame it all on me, thats the only reason you want to get paid. Its not like I get the money. ARGH men are so freaking stupid sometimes. Their brains are in their weenies and they've got no balls. (my apologies to any nice, smart,guys with balls who happen to be reading this) email me.