Tuesday, January 23, 2007

dry spell

No I'm not talking about sex. I enter sweeps as a hobby and after the breakup I quit for nearly 3 weeks because my heart just wasn't in it and also I did not want to get on the computer because I was tempted to read stuff at livejournal that was posted for the sole purpose of hurting me. So I quit entering sweeps and did not use my computer at home for 3 weeks...only getting online at work during the day. I figured since he lied and cheated that karma would come back around and maybe I would have a big win to inspire me once again. (Hey it happened before- ie trip to vegas) but no such luck. I have been having a dry spell ever since the breakup. The only things I have won are a t-shirt and a bottle of joint lubricating supplements. The past week and a half, I REALLY started entering again, doing mail ins and dailies with a vengeance, hoping to win a big cash prize, another trip, or a vehicle for Lauren. Sometimes when my friends get online and bitch and moan about their dry spells... woolah they get a big win. So here I am, bitching and moaning. Now I shall await the phone call.
Good luck to all my fellow sweepers out there....and the non sweepers who are my friends...
and in case you were wondering, I haven't been back to the enemies' livejournals since mid december, and I have no desire to, at all. Sticks and stones, y'all. I'm stronger than I thought I was, and it makes me proud.
But I still want a big win.
pwetty pwease?

PS Check out my new Vera Bradley tote bag for spring...woot!