Saturday, January 20, 2007

Not so super

Take two competent actors (Kill Bill, The Royal Tenenbaums, anyone?) and stick them with a completely LAME script, a cornball score, and some not-so fantastic special effects and you have this snoozefest that went downhill so fast I thought I was watching the winter olympics. Two thumbs down, and stick that baby back in the netflix envie so fast it will make your head spin.
I could have written a better script, cause believe me if anyone could come up with a few ideas for punishing an ex-boyfriend, its moi. Sample ideas: Everytime he touches the keyboard of a computer he would have a seizure and shit on himself, whenever he tells a lie his tongue would catch on fire, whenever he is in front of the opposite sex he develops Tourette's and an incontinence problem, oh and his penis would shrink 3" everytime he got ready to use it. I wouldn't bother throwing his car into space, like G-girl does in this movie, wtf is the point of that it is a piece of crap anyways that would give him an excuse to buy a new one. If he had any money that is. Anyway I have digressed from my main topic which was that this movie utterly completely sucked so go now and take it off your queue. You heard me.