Thursday, January 11, 2007

i found a SPOON-A

My oldest daughter is doing driver training this week. So if you get behind a car going 20 mph and slowing down for curves, that might be her. I'm really looking forward to her getting her permit, but hey I like to live dangerously. hehe.

I was feeling a little down yesterday until I got home and went to my bedroom. There was Buttons on my bed with a fuzzy yellow hair band, lying on his back and patting it back and forth between his wittle paws. Then he would pick it up with his mouth and meow a few times, and drop it on the floor. This went on for about 10 minutes until he decided it was time to lick his privates. He is so funny.

I broiled salmon with a ginger/citrus glaze for supper, it was really good. :-) Even Buttons liked it.

Also I got a notice that Lauren won a Tenacious D prize pack, which includes a cd, a t-shirt and an inflatable guitar. LOL Righteous!