Friday, February 01, 2008

Confessions of a bored person ... thnx lisa

List all of your favorites......

Perfume? :
wow thats tough I wear a different one each day, I generally prefer fruity scents or clean scents. some of my faves are Romance, Light Blue, A Perfect Veil, Beach...I could go on all day yes I have a problem

Bath & Body Works scent? :
green apple

Makeup? :
Cover Girl or Maybelline

Jeans? :
ones that fit my ass

Color to wear? :
purple, black, red

Exercise? :
elliptical, swimming

Comfort food? :

Diet? :
on nutrisystem since last august, have lost 58 lbs so far.

Grocery Store? :
LOWES FOODS-I agree, best veggies and fruit selection in the county

Clothing Store? :

Author? :
CS Lewis

Magazine? :
PC Mag, Body and Soul

TV Show? :
Father Ted

Movie? :
Sliding Doors

Actor? :
John Krasinski

Actress? :
Jennifer Aniston

Fast Food Restaurant? :
Meh...chick filet

Dine-in Restaurant? :
Olive Garden

Pair of shoes? :
my rocket dogs, they make me TALL and they're comfy as hell

Way to relax? :
Bubble bath, a pot of tea