Thursday, October 14, 2004

Had to take MoonPie to the vet today, she was climbing all over me in the car and freaking out, and when I got to the vet and tried to take her out of the car, she freaked out even more. It was all I could do to hold her, I really need to find that cat carrier. I made Tigger an appt. for tomorrow, his lip is gross. We took him there a few months ago but the antibiotics didnt help. I suppose after that is over I will have to make appts to get them all fixed. It never ends. Going to Hell-Mart today after work to get some crap, we are all out of Mt. Lightning and I need a fix BAD. Thought we might go to Ruby Tuesdays also. Alex needs some more fall clothes too. I could use some myself but I am way too fat to even think about buying clothes. UGH. I got a win notice last night in my email from Marden Kane, and got all excited, but I just won a gaming subscription and a hat (total Value $58). Better than nothing I guess! I also got the free keychain from axe, its called "pit-man" and is supposed to be some sort of armpit with legs, but it looks like something else entirely, and its just plain DISGUSTING. If anyone wants it, email me. Its free.