Monday, September 05, 2005

labor day sucks.

one of the scariest album covers ever.

Song for the Day: Four on the Floor Remix- Starsailor from Layer Cake Soundtrack

News from WWofJ: After an uneventful weekend, I had to return to work today. Why I had to work today is beyond me. There is nothing going on. Its not like I work at a food store or hospital or something important, I am a secretary for a construction company. I have been bored beyond belief today. We watched a couple of Netflix rentals this weekend, Layer Cake- pretty good British drama about drug dealers, but when they say "INTRICATE drama" on the description, be warned. Its confusing. Also Sienna Miller's part barely registered. I don't think she even said more than 4 lines in the whole movie. They could have explored that romance a bit more in my opinion. The Upside of Anger- was pretty enjoyable although what Kevin Costner saw in Joan Allen is beyond me. She had no personality at all, even when drunk. Plus she is way too skinny and has a giraffe neck.
My baby girl starts Preschool Wednesday....I suddenly feel really old. Next year, I will have one in kindergarten and one starting High School. Scary ain't it?

I would post some fun links for y'all to enjoy but I am too lazy bored and depressed today. Maybe tomorrow if you're lucky.