Thursday, August 18, 2005

would you care for some shampagnia? don't run away!

The Continental for Prez? I LUV IT

Song for the Day: My Robot Friend -Performed by Butters

Link for the Day: STUFF+CAT its so stupid i had to post it.

News from the WWofJ:
I've been slack. Put me in a burlap sack and beat me with reeds. Shave my scrotum and make me wear a meat helmet. What has been going on with me, you ponder? Well let's see...I won a few small things the past month...dinnerware from Pfaltzgraff, $25 visa card, a toe ring, a cd, a dvd, a freaky painting of killer whales swimming in a post-apocalyptic world, a sex & the city trivia game, a necklace, and some perfume. We still have three kitties, and it looks like we're stuck with them. Pedro, Rico and Bob. Bob is not friendly, he is mean. Rico is friendly but he has a tendency to hide and then jump, attacking your legs. This can be quite painful and scary when you are not expecting it. Pedro is sweet, he hardly ever meows and he is very loving. In entertainment news, I watched the Billy & Brenda "Flowers in the Attic" scene in last week's episode of SixFeetUnder with a combination of disgust, disbelief and sexual arousal. Is it wrong of me to be excited? I was just envious of Brenda I guess. Billy, I will touch it. Screw Brenda.
I also had the great fortune of watching "A Very Long Engagement" the other night. This is a French movie with subtitles, that stars the absolutely charming Audrey Tatou. I want to be her in my next life. Or her pet. But I digress....the movie was great. If you liked Amelie, you will love it. It goes on my list of movies not to miss.
I had a very bizarre dream the other night, in it, Ellen DeGeneres was giving my father an enema. When I asked her why she was doing this, she said it was because he was full of crabmeat and they were making crab salad.( I have no idea. I did not take any drugs before I fell asleep.) After I objected to her extracting the crabmeat from my dad's ass, she sent me to TIME OUT and said I was to be given demerits for being impertinent.
And last but not least, I received an email stating "CONGRATS, YOU ARE A WHINER!" from the UK Lottery. I ask, who are they to judge me??? And yes, I do want some more tea, Mrs. Polly Prissypants.