Saturday, December 16, 2006

Some Pig

My sister, her hubby, Jacob, Lauren and I saw the new Charlotte's Web movie on Friday night and it was a great family movie. Dakota Fanning was adorable as usual (looks so much like my Alex it is uncanny!) and the little pig was so adorable that Lauren wants to get one. I think we have enough pets around here. Anyway I give it 5 stars, two thumbs up and a snap. Also of note was the breathtaking scenery in this movie, it was sooo beautiful.
We ate at Outback (lobster tails, yum) and went shopping at Kmart. We had a really good time :-)

We had the family Christmas party tonight and it was a lot of fun. Mary had cooked tons of food and it was all sooo good. Oysters, scallops, shrimp, sausage balls, meatballs, pigs in blanket, chips, dip, pasta salad, cake, OMG I ate so much! The kids exchanged presents and luckily everyone seemed to like what they got. Right now Alex is playing the "I Can Play" piano game that Rita got her, and having a blast. She just got 100 on a song!

Interesting moments: Andrea's "gremlin-like" sweater that began reproducing at an alarming rate as poofy pink fuzzballs popped off and flew around the room; Me trying to make my head look smaller than Rita's in a picture and only succeeding by getting behind Rita several feet...Why is my head so damn big? Or is Rita's head just surprisingly tiny?

Hope everyone has a great weekend, mine was awesome :-)