Friday, December 15, 2006

TGIF, amen

This has been a rough week and I am so glad it is almost over. I didn't sleep again last night, I had a dream about a-hole and we were fighting so I woke up stressed out. Then I laid there thinking about how I have to send back his Christmas presents, I spent $300 on him. I bought him a nice brown leather jacket, brown leather Doc Maartens, and some cool t-shirts about his dumb computer game. Also I am mad because the bastard stole my Star Wars Original Trilogy and I will have to buy another one. I never even told him he could BORROW it. I also have to call Royal Caribbean and try to change the passenger on my cruise GC I won a few months ago. I am so filled with hate right now, and I don't like it. I want to be ZEN, calm, content. Instead I am just filled with rage about how he treated me....He said I flipped out all the time, well I had every right to get mad during our relationship as he would do nothing but play computer games (which was really his way of picking up women), never paid for anything and was lazy as hell, plus he smokes and even burned holes in my Honda Pilot and never fixed them. I guess I am more mad at myself than anyone else, for staying with him when I didn't really want to. I should listen to my inner voice. I guess being mad is better than being sad, I even TRIED to cry this morning and I couldn't....LOL. He isn't worth my tears anyway.

In other news Lauren and I had a talk last night and have decided to go semi-vegetarian (but still eat seafood, eggs and dairy)...I believe they call it ovo-lacto-pesce-veg or some crap. I did it for a year and a half back in '98 and I lost 80 lbs, felt great and looked fantastic. I want that bod back again! I never thought Lauren would want to go veg, as she has been eating cheeseburgers her entire life, but I am happy about it. It will be a lot easier since I won't have to feed a-hole, and I won't have to cook separate meals for everybody. I will still have to cook a separate meal for Alex, but that is nothing new, the girl eats nothing but cheese and chicken.

Her christmas program was last night, that was fun. It was supposed to start at 630, I got there at 6 and could not find anywhere to park. Had to walk half a mile to the school, then find a seat on cram-packed bleachers. Lucky me, I picked the one in front of the toddler and the baby. The toddler proceeded to kick me intermittently throughout the next hour, and the baby just screamed every few minutes. Alex was in the front and she sang but did none of the hand motions and she looked as though she would fall asleep. It would have been funny as hell if she had LOL. Anyway during intermission we got the heck outta there (2nd portion was the older grades) and went to Seaside for supper, then rode around and looked at Christmas lights.

I do not want to go to work today.....waaaaaaa.
Must drink coffee.
Everybody have a great weekend, except for 3 people who shall remain nameless but who are posted prominently at the top of my SHIT LIST.