Thursday, January 25, 2007

bubbles and books

Fun link for the day: (never hurts to think ahead)
How to share your obituary with your online friends, after you die. Too bad emails can't be forwarded. Just think how guilty you would feel if you left a ton of comments berating me for not posting, not knowing I was trapped in a jar somewhere.

I just purchased a bunch of books on eBay by Janet Evanovich (The Stephanie Plum series). I really need to start reading again (mostly for brain stimulation, as mine seems to be perpetually lethargic these days) and I had read a review yesterday in which a lady credited the books with changing her life. Now I don't know about that, I just want a little entertainment, and I have heard they are hilarious. Sucks if I don't like them since I just bought ELEVEN of the books. "But I got a good deal!" (my standard eBay excuse).

Still waiting on the big win, so far this week I have won a coupon for a tv dinner (blech) and a children's book. Wow, huh?

Met some guy online last night with the nickname Captain. I was wary as this is the ex's nickname (Captain Stiffie hardy har har) but it is definitely not him. This guy claims to be an actual boat captain but knowing my luck, he has a little dingy that will fit into a pickup bed and a hat someone gave him as a joke. He also claims to visit Beaufort frequently. Why would someone want to do that?? *red flags*.

I bathed last night using "christmas party" bath bomb from Lush. If you are ever in a festive mood and want to be covered head to toe with sparkly bits of paper and little stars, I highly recommend it. It smells of citrus and combined nicely with the "hot milk?" bubble bar (both leave the water an orangey color). I only used half of the bubble bar but ended up with bubbles so high I couldn't even see my 6 yr old when she joined me in the tub. I slept like a baby, but kept dreaming that people were breaking into my bedroom to use the bathroom and I couldn't move. Wonder what that means.