Friday, October 15, 2004

Ok so today I had to take Tigger to the vet. He's got a dental infection or some kind of skin disease, anyway I have medicine to give him twice a day, and I am supposed to quit using plastic food dishes, and get glass or stainless steel. She said he might be allergic to plastic, plus the plastic harbors bacteria. So I guess we will be going shopping AGAIN. Went last night to HellMart and got the kids' Halloween costumes; Lauren is going to be a vampire (again) and Alex is going to be Tinkerbell (awwww) I will be sure to post pics on my site. I am so glad its Friday! I keep messing around with my menu page, I just can't get it the way I want it! So if you are wondering why it keeps changing daily, its just me. I got a small win in the mail today, some Covergirl lasting lipstick worth about $8.99. It looks like a nice shade for me. Lauren was on the win list at seventeen for an Intuition razor scented like cucumber melon ($8?) and Jacob won a Garfield prize pack from worth $23. Hopefully there will be a nice win in tomorrow's mail. haha yeah right