Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No longer a meme virgin.

Silk has tagged me. :O Silk I don't know if this worked at cheering me up, it kinda bummed me out LOL.

Five Things I Miss From Childhood:
1. My mom of course. She passed away in 1999 and not a day goes by that I don't miss her and wish I had spent more time with her while she was alive.
2. Not having to feel guilty about what I eat. I ate whatever I wanted and it was all good. I was neither fat nor thin but somewhere in between and no one cared about 'carbs' and 'fat' grams.
3. Summer vacation. I work year round. There is no 3 months of sleeping in, going to the beach and just relaxing. It's all the same. :(
4. Having tons of girlfriends to do stuff with. Everyone has moved away. My closest friends nowadays are email pals I have never even met.
5. Optimistically fantasizing about my future. I used to think I would be famous, beautiful, rich, clever and worshipped by millions. Well that is shot all to hell ain't it.

The rules:
Remove the #1 item from the following list, bump everyone up one place and add your blog's name in the #5 spot. You need to link to actually link to each of the blogs for the link-whorage aspect of this fiendish meme to kick in.

Villainous Company
Pirate's Cove
Fistful Of Fortnights
Just Breathe
le paradis de jules

I have no idea who to pass this onto but hey I did my part. See ya after the Big Apple trip is over!!