Friday, January 26, 2007

cupid can kiss my ass

I am being bombarded with emails from companies trying to get me to purchase items for my "sweetie". Well I have no "sweetie" and if I did, I certainly wouldn't buy him a stuffed teddy bear with a red heart attached to his paw. How gay is that. It enrages me to receive these emails unsolicited. And yet I am forced to endure them day after day. And if I see one more myspace profile pic of people kissing, I will SPEW on my keyboard.
It doesn't help matters that, in my optimistic past I envisioned a Valentine's Day Wedding, or that 5 days after V-Day I will turn 39. Why don't I just shoot myself in the head now and spare myself the misery. God I will be glad when February's over.
Maybe I should just send myself some flowers when I order something for my girls. Maybe if I order them now, I will forget they are actually from me and be excited when they arrive. Right.
*sigh* Believe it or not, underneath my crusty bitchy exterior beats a heart that wants to be loved....yeah its been trampled and kicked and broken in half but its still ticking, and that means it still works.
Right now all I want is someone to cuddle with on Sunday mornings and watch the food network with. Buttons isn't a cuddler, and his nose is ice cold...otherwise I would marry him.