Friday, January 26, 2007


If we passed each other on the street
would you avert your eyes
and look at the ground in shame?
or would you hold your head high
pretending you never knew me...
would you confront me
and call me a bitch?
or would you smile at me
remembering the private moments
between us,
comical or intimate...the ones
you don't share with her.
or would you look into my eyes
and ask for my forgiveness...
Perhaps we'll never know.
The path we once shared
diverged on that day.
Two lives now separate, distant...
Lovers who once lay
in each other's arms,
now strangers.
Alone I slide into my cool soft sheets
where dreams await...
soaring through skies of blue....
past oceans of tears I have shed.
I feel a stirring inside my soul
and I look toward the sun.