Saturday, February 24, 2007

fishies, moon and pier one

Not much going on this weekend. The baby daddy came and picked up the spewing child so I could have a break, thank God. I downloaded 100 songs last night, did all the 600+ expiring sweeps for 2/28 on, cleaned my room, washed dishes and took a nice bubble bath. I'm about ready to crash but I wanted to show you guys a few cool things I got recently. All were free, either gifts or wins. First off check out the fishtank motion wall art I got with my spencers GC I won.
Then there is the Moon in my Room that my sister bought me (at Target)for my birthday. I had seen it there at xmas and wanted it for myself. It hangs on the wall and has a remote control, you can set it to whatever phase of the moon you like. It looks REAL, although you can't really tell from my crappy photo as I had to cover the flash with my finger for it to show up.
moon in my room
Then I spent the Pier One GC I got for xmas, finally, on a table runner and assorted japanese looking plates and chopsticks and cool mirrored coasters. I think it looks awesome, I love this kinda stuff. You can also see part of the spewing child in this pic, luckily she wasn't spewing at the time.
pier one goodies