Thursday, February 08, 2007

I was in a good mood this morning

but it has gone quickly downhill. I was going to submit a post today about my big win from yesterday, but that will have to wait until tomorrow I guess. *keep you in suspense, haha*.
I haven't been in a really good mood, for no reason, for a LONG time. But I was this morning. I was singing on the way to work and just enthusiastic about life. Then I get to work and the ex said something to me that hurt my feelings. Then I clicked on firefox and google news has this story on there about a man who beat his 2 yr old daughter and threw her outside in the cold to die. This is why I don't read the news or watch it on tv. Shit like this hurts my very soul. I cannot fathom how anyone can be that cruel to another human being, let alone their own child. I wiped my tears and said a prayer for the little girl's soul and then I silently wished that the man who did it would get his testicles caught in a grinder and bleed to death. Well at this point it is time for my lunch break, and I have to go grocery shopping. As I am headed out the door, my brother mentions to me that my Dad's car is out front and he is selling it. (if you did not know, my dad passed away last January). He says, "do you want the plate that was on it?". *sigh* A couple of years ago I gave my dad a vanity plate for the front of his cadillac, it was a beautiful sunset scene of a lighthouse and had the word POP on it. That's what we called him. It meant a lot to him because he was stationed on a lighthouse in Vinalhaven Maine many, many years ago when he was in the coast guard. He loved that place so much he would visit it whenever he got a chance, even though it was only accessible by a 2 hour ferry ride, had one hotel and there was NOTHING to do there, but eat. He loved lobster, and whenever he visited Maine he would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Hey I don't blame him. Anyway, my brother hands me the plate and I start bawling like a baby. GREAT. I continue to cry until I reach the Food Lion parking lot, where I grab some tissue out of the glove compartment and manage to get myself halfway put together so I don't look like I am a psycho or something. I don't want to scare nobody. Then I am casually strolling up to the door when I trip over my own foot and fall. OMG. The horror. I. AM. SO. FUCKING. EMBARRASSED. I sit there for a few minutes, looking to the sky and thinking WHY ME?? Then I stand up, brushing myself off and start checking my injuries (toe and knee, scraped, OW). Hoping no one noticed, I hobble towards the door. No such luck. Apparently everyone witnessed the event. Several people walk up to ask me if I am ok. I nod and say, "just embarrassed". This is just one day I wish I had never got out of bed.