Tuesday, February 06, 2007

naked gym?

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Working out at the gym involves an awful lot of sweating, grunting and groaning...and its not something that should be done naked when around others. All I can imagine is the big hairy guy that used to go to my gym. He looked somewhat like Ernest Borgnine, except hairier. He was always completely
covered in sweat, too. He would lift a weight, make an excruciating face and scream out "AAAHHH". Now I am imagining him doing that naked, and its not a pretty sight. *shudder* How about those thigh machines and butt blasters? Can you imagine the things you would see then. I'm sticking to my oversized tshirt and black capri leggings, thank you very much. I do not want to see old hairy balls bouncing around with sweat dripping off of them or see the insides of the lady next to me.
I feel sorry for whoever has to clean up this place afterwards. I would be taking a bath in clorox and scrubbing myself with pumice and apricot kernels.