Sunday, February 18, 2007

POP! Goes My Heart!


My sisters,niece Andrea and my daughter Lauren had a girls night out last night to celebrate my upcoming birthday. (#39, yikes, don't wanna discuss it). We went out to a seafood restaurant and then saw the movie Music and Lyrics. We all loved it. We thought it was funny as hell. Apparently we were the only ones who did, as the rest of the audience in the theater sat there like lumps. We were the only people laughing. Whatever. I will admit there were a few slow parts and perhaps it could have been a tad shorter but overall we really enjoyed it. Hugh has still got it, yeah he still does a bit of stammering now and then, but he can actually sing fairly well, and he has dance moves that put milli vanilli to shame. He is damn sexy in this movie. Drew is her usual charming, neurotic, unusual self and they worked well together. And surprise, she can actually sing pretty good too! The music was excellent in fact as soon as we got home my daughter and I started downloading the soundtrack LOL.

I feel very nostalgic about the 80's...*sigh* my high school years, some of the best times of my life. In fact my favorite movie is The Wedding Singer. And this video below, which is the intro to the movie, is so 80's it's unreal LOL. You have got to see it to believe it. I just had to post it. Watch and enjoy.

In other news I am sick as hell. Been coming down with something the past few days and last night was pretty bad. I coughed and coughed, and could only breathe out of one nostril. The particular nostril varied depending on which side I rolled over onto, but it was always just ONE. I woke up about 10 times with my tongue hanging out, all dried up and feeling like I had been eating cotton balls. Luckily I had water nearby, but anyway I feel like shit. So I will go back to bed now, and hope that everyone has a pleasant Sunday.