Monday, February 12, 2007

how you found my site....

Very interesting. Just reading these, you find out a lot about what is hidden in the depths of my blog history....and about the psychos who are online, googling at all hours of the night.

Searches that led to my site:

  • Obese Man Bra- Google Canada
  • Fat Ass- Google
  • Life Sucks- Google
  • Fat Ass Movies- Google
  • Happy Bunny- Google
  • Chickety China the Chinese Chicken- Google New Zealand
  • Pimped out john- Google
  • Head shave- Google Germany
  • Josh's Fat Ass- Google
  • Dakota Fanning in Sandals- Google
  • Evil Kitten- Google UK
  • Lesbian Ass Munching-Yahoo
  • Fat Spread Ass- Google
  • Coloring Gay-Google
  • Kelly Kettle, Bush Saw, Blades- Google UK
  • Kitten in Danger- Google
  • Little Innocent Pussy- Google
And now that I have posted all these, I will have twice as many weirdos being directed to my site. hahahahaha.