Sunday, February 25, 2007

ring ring *shudder*


I am always getting weird phone calls but lately they get weirder and weirder. (I hate talking on the phone to begin with and I screen all my calls.) In addition to the usual telemarketers who call night and day, and when the answering machine picks up they come on the line in their eastern indian accents, oblivious to the fact that they are talking to a machine: Juleeee??? Juleeeeee are you there??? Helloooooo??? Umm DUH the machine ain't gonna talk back.
Then there are the people wanting money. Like the police officer's whatever that keep calling me for donations.
Me: "Hello?"
Them: "Yes, Julie? this is Ripoff Scamhole, I am with the the Police Officer's Family League and I was wondering if you would like to make a donation?"
Me: "Sorry, I was married to a cop for 10 yrs, I have paid my dues. bye bye now."
Them: "But you can make a contribution as small as 5 dollars!"
Me: click.
Or the call I got at work informing me I could get 10 magazines FOR FREE!! "No cost at all?", I asked, suspiciously. "They are absolutely 100% free!" Since I do get free magazines through work sometimes, I gave the freakin moron my information. After she had my mailing address, dob, my pets names and my blood type, she asks for my credit card info. "Wait, I thought this was free?" "It is, but we do ask for a small shipping and handling charge of only $5.95 per week for 5 yrs!" Click. Does anyone fall for this shit?

Well last week I had a message from someone who tracked me down from a sweepstakes group. Scary huh? I mean I try my hardest not to post my last name on the web but in this particular group it has been posted a few times due to winner's lists and whatnot. So if there were any psychos on that forum, they could easily track me down. Guess my plan to keep my phone number publicly listed so as to not miss the phone call from my high school crush who is now divorced and suddenly realizes he wants to see me again after all these years, may have to end. *sigh* Anyway this lady wanted to start a sweepstakes club but at the end of the message she realized we were 7 hours apart and said, "umm nevermind don't call me back". Ok.
Then later the same day I get a phone call from some girl...
Me: "Hello"
Her: "Hey julie!"
Me: "Ummm hi? Who is this?"
Her: "Shuug, its DeWanna!!"
Me: "Who??"
Her:"DE-WANNA" (I'm not joking that is what her name was.)
Me: "I think you may have the wrong number."
Her:"Is this the julie who was married to... *beep- call waiting rings another call in*...*silence* ?
Me: (pretending I heard whoever it was she said)"Ummm no"

Her: "Ok bye"

Then there was the call a few months ago where someone left a message saying "JUUUUUULIE! JULIE JULIE JULIE JULIE JULIE boogedy boogedy oo oo ooo!!!!" in a weird childlike voice. I imagined a serial killer dressed in a babydoll dress waiting around the corner with a big knife. I still have no idea who that was. Maybe its the person in Denver who reads my blog archives from beginning to end all night long. Does that person have nothing better to do? Hell I don't even want to read my own blog from beginning to end.

Like seriously my phone number will be unlisted soon.