Sunday, October 11, 2009


For a long time now I've been following you
but with every step that I grow closer,
you take two steps away...
I can't see what is in your mind, nor your heart, and so
I fumble along blindly
hoping to catch up with you,
and fall into your elusive embrace..

Hopelessness has spread across my heart...
from the hidden corners where I kept it tucked away,
it grew and grew,
fed by the daily diet of despair
and now has engulfed me in its icy grip..
winter has set in and the fiery embers have long been extinguished,
but I cannot seem to stop trying
to generate warmth from the ashes left behind...

I watch you walk on ahead down this same old path, and I pause for a moment
catching my reflection in a stream,
the misery etched upon my face from years
upon years
of longing...

I see another road ahead,
veering off into the unknown
and I head towards it eagerly...
as the rising sun spreads its warmth across my face
and thaws my frozen soul