Monday, August 03, 2009

I got this from Ric, along with a nasty rash

Fill out this fun The Only 17 Questions That Really Matter Survey and then share it with your friends.
DO IT! It only hurts a little.

Rightside up or upside down?
which side is the wrong side? I'm so long as I can tell where everything is, I dont care.

Satin or sandpaper?
satin sheets... and a scruffy mans face scratching my inner thighs.. ooooh yeah

Last thing you lost?
a bet with God. *shakes fist at heavens*

Last thing you found?
Jesus, he was down inside the sofa. Also, 75 cents.

If you had to name your thumbs, what would you name them?
Harold and Alberta

Are you ticklish? If so, which body part(s)?
I do not reveal my weaknesses.

What do you REALLY think about granny panties?
STFU, Jason!

Animal you most resemble?
a plump hedgehog with a bitchy attitude

Fast motion, slow motion or still?
I like my cars fast, my porn in slow mo and my water still

Speaking of hair, would you rather eat a pile of hair or a cup of skin flakes?
where did this hair come from?

Do you prefer standing in line or sitting in traffic?
There are lots of fun things you can do while sitting in traffic, and no one can see what you're doing ;-)

Cannibalize or be cannibalized?
can't we just eat each other simultaneously?

Would you prefer to wake up with a bed full of rabid sewer rats or tarantulas?
I pick tarantula as it seems unlikely they have cold wet noses

Would you rather have a constant ringing in your ear or uncontrollable facial twitches?
*raises eyebrow*
*rolls eyes*
*picks up phone*

Grass or asphalt?
hey no one rides for free, hand it over and hop in

Would you recommend this quiz to friends?
Yes, it was stimulating and satisfying... like myself.

Why are you still here? The quiz is over.
I'm struggling to get on with life. It seems meaningless and empty now.