Monday, August 20, 2007

bahama bummer

Dear Diary and all you people who enjoy reading it:
Ok. Let me tell you about the trip. It was disappointing. :(
Drive down there was a nightmare. Went 95 way which mapquest swears is quicker, got into heavy traffic which slowed us down, then when we got to Savannah there was a bad thunderstorm, and a car accident which closed down all but two lanes. GRRR it took us an hour and half just to move a mile. We were freaking out. Finally got to Margarets at 10pm...we left at 9 am so that is messed up, right? It should have taken us at most, 8 hours. *sigh*
Anyway, drove to Cocoa Beach the next day and the motel I had booked was Bates Motel. We heard shit all night, like scratching at the door and someone turning the doorknob. Looked out once and saw nothing but an orange cat walking towards the pool. Plus no hot water at night. Fun times!
Got on cruise, everything went smooth at check was TINY. Tiny tv, tiny shower. No bath. argh. (I had a much larger room, with tub on Disney cruise). Food was not very good, I compare it with standard cafeteria food. On Disney, it was gourmet but this was not. Andrea was very disappointed too, she has been on Carnival and it was SO much better she says. So unless it's free, don't bother with Royal Caribbean. Now if it had been our first cruise, we probably would have been happier. But we both had been on very nice ships last time so we were spoiled. :( Anyway, it was good to get away from home for awhile. By Wed I was ready to go home LOL. The RC dude in charge of fruit in the buffet had massive crush on Andrea and kept asking us questions and following us with his eyes as he rearranged the fruit. He was indian perv fruity dude.
Tuesday we were in Coco Cay, which is RC's private started pouring rain. We had to ride back to the ship on top deck of ferry boat getting pounded with stinging rain and wind. FUN. The gangway to ship was bouncing up and down in the rough seas and someone slipped down inside. We're lucky to not have pneumonia. Wed. we were in Nassau, where I did a bunch of shopping real quick, and we walked all over in 99 degrees and I was sweating profusely and my feet were killing me. That afternoon we booked a spa day which was fun, had a massage from a 6' tall blonde chick from Australia including neck, shoulders, lower back and feet, plus a facial which I didn't think I would like but actually made my skin look good, then they gave us champagne and strawberries. Next day we were at sea all day, and Andrea laid out in the sun. I went to the bar, got on internet (briefly it was like dial up speed and cost 50 cents per min) and watched tv. Pretty freakin boring. The shows on RC were not as good as Disney either. On Disney they had a movie theater showing current releases, plus Broadway quality shows. RC didn't have movie theater, but had a group of singers and dancers that were very good, but not fantastic. We did have recently released on dvd movies, but they seemed to show Spiderman 3 constantly, and mostly it was in French, Italian, and a few other languages. It
was pretty funny watching Tobey yelling in french. They did have a black comedian who was hilarious, we enjoyed that show a lot. Got off ship Fri morning (after sitting in lounge waiting for an hour for them to call ORANGE #1 which they NEVER DID) and drove to Orlando so I could visit a LUSH store live and in person. Spent too much but had a blast. Then we drove to GA and stopped at an outlet mall, stayed at Margaret's that night where she gave me four bags of nutrisystem food (yuck, but yay! cause it was free and I need to lose weight). Left early Sat morning and stopped in SC to buy palm trees, 2 for me and one for Elaine, made it back to Beaufort around 7pm or so. Picked up Lauren from Evan's where she had two big boxes of stuff from Bahamas, but no presents for her family. Greedy little turd. Picked up Alex from her dad's and went home. My sis Elaine had been watching the pets for me and taking care of my pool, well she had decided to clean my fridge and put all the tiny items on the lower shelves (who does that?) and drank all my drinks. She had taken some of my dishes out of my cabinet and stacked nutrisystem food in there. Umm I like my dishes in the cabinet the way I want them. She had cleaned the floor in the kitchen, and cleaned my appliances, but thrown a bunch of towels in the hallway where the animals tend to have their little 'accidents'. She told me that my lights kept going off with no one home (makes me feel so safe and secure!) and she had left me detailed notes about what the animals did while I was gone. (Example: Daisy won't go out, black cat keeps trying to get in your bedroom, nubby tailed orange cat keeps staring at aquarium trying to catch a fish, you need to buy a swifter vac cause I can't figure out your dyson.)
Spent an hour yesterday cleaning out pool, apparently we had a bad thunderstorm fri night cause there was a whole pine tree's worth of pine straw in the bottom.
Stopped at grocery store today to replenish it, plus I have become a big fan of couscous, and wanted to make my own. I found a recipe online and I am making grilled salmon, couscous, and this cucumber thing sarah makes that is good (she soaks cucumber slices in vinegar, then drains it, adds sour cream and salt and pepper...voila!). Going to try to do my 100 laps again today in the pool (been doing them for a couple months, started off with 10 and worked up to 100). Did 50 yesterday cause I had a bad leg cramp Sun morning and my leg was still hurting. Usually when I have a leg cramp, I can bend my foot and make it stop but it was so bad I couldn't move my foot. And it was excruciatingly painful. Alex was like, What is wrong? I was sitting there screaming on the bed LOL. I had a lot of problems with my feet/ankles swelling up like tree trunks this past week also. Hadn't been having problems til I left. Probably from standing in lines, sitting on my ass in the car, etc.
Anyway apart from some drama yesterday its good to be back at home. And Sayonara, James, AKA "Vyntex" AKA "POS who can't tell the truth." Hope you just love living in Delaware....and never come back!! Paul just messaged me so I will end this here. HAHA