Friday, March 30, 2007

mr froggie says Sanjaya must DIE

Ok I do not watch reality shows. At all. I hate them. With a PASSION. (Ok except for the Surreal Life, when it had Vern Troyer on there drunk pissing in the floor, now THAT, my friend, was entertainment). I especially hate American Idol as it usually runs over and interferes with my DVR taping of Dr House. Imagine waiting to see the latest episode and then getting nearly to the conclusion only to find that the DVR has stopped taping because it was supposed to end at 10 but instead ended at 10:07 or some shit. After watching Dr House nearly kill the patient several times with incorrect diagnoses, I might miss the "AH HA!" moment when he realizes some far-fetched correlation between a sandwich and an intestinal parasite...all due to some reality show that I don't watch. GRRRRR. And even though I don't watch American Idol, all I hear on the radio is Sanjaya this and Sanjaya that, and parody songs about how much everyone hates SANJAYA. THE HELL WITH SANJAYA I AM SICK OF HEARING HIS NAME!!!! Just to catch a glimpse at this source of hatred amongst the population, I googled him and came up with this pic:
WTF??? Is this Something About Mary redeux? This guy needs to go away, and SOON.
Also since I am bitchy and ranting today, I want to rant about CROCS.
In case you live under a rock and don't know wtf I'm talking bout, here ya go:
Apparently these shoes are all the rage. WTF?? They look to be made of plastic, in nauseatingly vivid colors. Ok, they may look cute on a 2 yr old, who has no choice in buying her own footwear, but no self-respecting adult should be caught dead in these things. They are the UGLIEST shoes I have ever seen. I thought jellies were bad back in the 80's but damn, I would rather see Jellies come back in fashion than these atrocities.
Ok, I'm done bitching now. Have a nice weekend :P