Sunday, August 26, 2007

school tomorrow! argh

My youngest starts 1st grade, oldest 10th. FUN FUN. Went shopping yesterday for school supplies, clothes and groceries and spent $800. I thought that was bad until I talked to my friend Bryan who informed me he spent $1800. Ok I don't feel so bad now. Anyway the girls have new wardrobes and all their supplies, plus lunch items, so we're all set. Now we just have to get up and make the buses in time.
Lauren is 16 now, and I have started looking at cars for her. She really wanted a beetle convertible or a mini cooper but lets face it, I would only be able to afford a used vehicle as the new ones start at like $23,000. First I was looking at Honda's FIT which is cute and sporty and starts at $14,000. But then I went over to Toyota's site and saw the Yaris which really looks like Lauren to me and the liftback model in automatic is $12,000. Geez she nearly has enough to buy it right now, in her savings (thanks Pop!). So for now, that is my top choice. Anyone have a Yaris or know someone who does? Comments/suggestions welcome. I want her to have something cute and small, yet safe, reliable and long-lasting with few maintenance problems.
My shoulder is bothering me again, last week it was really bad... one day to the point I could barely turn to the left. Today it is just an annoyance more than anything else. I am not sure if it is from being on the computer too much, or sleeping on my left side constantly. I keep trying to sleep on my right side, but it just doesn't work. I like facing the door....its hard to sleep with your back to the door...or is it just me?? I get skeered! Speaking of scared, Lauren and I watched The Grudge 2 last night. LOL. Ok there WERE a few scary parts, but some of the parts that were meant to be scary were just downright hilarious in their lameness. Two thumbs down. Unless you need a laugh at how horrible a film can be, don't bother.