Saturday, October 16, 2004

Lauren's Fun Slumber Party

Lauren decides she wants to have a friend over, and stupid me said yes. Well they went outside to walk the dogs around 6 pm last night....about 3o minutes later, Lauren comes running in, and says "We were walking in the field, and Hannah fell. I think her leg's broken" Well James runs out the door with Lauren and I put some shoes on and head out the door. By the time I get to the door, they are nowhere in sight, and Alex has peed on herself. ((ARGH)) So I clean her up and give her a bath, and still no sign of James and Lauren. I am thinking the worst, that Hannah's leg is broken after only spending an hour at my house (surely that doesnt look good to her parents) and James has tried to pick her up and had a heart attack (he has a leaky valve, plus he smokes). Finally they show up and Hannah is walking on her foot, and we think its just a sprain. It was very stressful!! They kept me up last night making weird noises into the computer microphone, and again this morning making the same damn noises. Alex had a bit of a fever last night, and I had to hold her with both arms all night, every time I tried to move one, she freaked out "HOLD ME HOLD ME MOMMY". And now Alex has spilled pepsi all over my bedroom floor, and Lauren has given all the cats a bath and used all the clean towels. Its fun being a parent. Someone shoot me please.