Friday, December 22, 2006

gifts for me...woo hoo

Well I just had fun with some online shopping!  I took the $300 I will be getting back from returning my ex's christmas presents, and bought myself a new up-converting dvd player, plus three sets of hdmi cords and an hdmi/dvi switch that allows me to hook up two hdmi devices to my one dvi input on my hdtv. Had to get an adapter as well so that the hdmi cord can use the dvi input.  Hdmi is so freakin cool, it carries the audio and video on one cord. I can't wait. I will be viewing all my old dvds in crystal clear 1080i resolution!! As well as my HDTV set top dvr!! YAY!!!!

PS If this all sounds like complete gibberish, I sorry. I love electronics!!