Tuesday, January 30, 2007

the demise of the kitty hammock

Here is Buttons lying in his kitty hammock. It was his favorite place to sleep. In fact he had used it so much that it had holes in it as big as his head. Sometimes he would stick his paw through and I would get underneath the hammock and we would have paw fights. Well it got so bad, I covered it with the soft red blanket you see in the pic so he wouldnt fall through it. Well Saturday morning Buttons and his mommy decided to both leap into the hammock at the same time. Apparently it wasn't strong enough for that as it fell and both cats came crashing down with the hammock, knocking over a basket of clothes and my entire collection of Lush products (my precious). Both cats went running out of my bedroom and wouldn't come back for hours. I attempted to re-attach it to the window, but it was no use. It looks as though it was hooked onto the window with velcro and then it has supports underneath that are against the wall. (My ex installed it.) So, I ordered some INDUSTRIAL strength Velcro in the hopes of fixing it...it should come today. Poor Buttons has been walking around whining, and has been forced to sleep in the floor, or worse yet the bathtub. This morning I saw him lying on my pajamas next to the beloved kitty hammock. Poor baby. (yes he is spoiled) And can you believe they no longer make the kitty hammock? I searched in vain for months trying to find a cover for it and apparently the company went out of business. :-(