Monday, February 05, 2007

fun weekend...NOT

Well it started off well enough, until Alex's father (my previous ex bf) called me Friday evening to inform me that he has knocked up his 20 yr old live in girlfriend. I am so delighted. Don't get me wrong, I like the girl and she is good to Alex. But he can barely pay me child support. He has to go to court every month to try to pay the back money.
Then there was some drama with another ex and his gf which I can't really get into on here, but needless to say the weekend was filled with every emotion known to man, along with some smirnoff and a few xanax. Which brings me to my current raging headache.
To make it even more fun, Lauren decided to stay up all night Friday and Saturday night, until like 7 am, opening and shutting doors and cooking things that stunk up the house. So I didn't get much sleep this weekend.
Also, I broke out with some sort of rash on my neck along the same time that Alex broke out on her face. Took her to the pediatrician today and was told they are unrelated. OK. *rolls eyes* He told me to apply vaseline to Alex's rash and cortisone to mine. Forty dollars, please.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be pain free and full of wit.

*jules goes off to read everyone's blogs*