Tuesday, February 27, 2007

spread your legs and relax.

Yeah I had the pleasure of visiting my gynecologist today. Actually I hadn't been in 4 yrs and I got this new woman doctor who was really nice. She informed me that I was really fat and need to lose weight (well not in those words, she tried to be polite). She said everything looked ok but I have to go back on Friday to do blood tests for cholesterol, glucose and thyroid. Wouldn't it be great if my fatness was caused by a thryoid problem? Yeah wishful thinking. My fatness is a combination of mom and dad's metabolism and my lazy ass that won't exercise like I should (I really don't eat that much honest). Anyway she prescribed me a new bc pill and lexapro to combat my extremely severe PMS (crying one minute, full of rage the next...my kids are scared of me). So I hope that works. The side effects list sucks however...I will be sleepy yet also suffer from insomnia, be really sweaty, have no sex drive and if I ever do want to have sex, I probably won't be able to have an orgasm. Sounds like fun. But at least I won't be screaming and pulling out my hair, so I guess that's good. My kids will be glad.