Monday, September 03, 2007

this reminds me of that motel we stayed in at Cocoa Beach

Yeah I rented Vacancy from Netflix. Partly because my niece told me the preview scared the crap out of her, and partly because it has
Luke Wilson in it. I have a little thing for him. And I have watched some bad movies in my time, just cause they had him in it (My Super Ex Girlfriend anyone?). This movie, however was not one of them. I am so glad I didn't see it at the movies because I would probably have jumped off my seat. From the opening credits you get the impression that it is an ode to low budget thriller movies in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock.
It is nerve-wracking and terrifying, and it did so without the gore that I REALLLLY do not care for. You get a real bad feeling about this place, especially when you see the creepy lil dude with the bouffant 'do who
offers them the 'honeymoon suite" for no extra charge. The tunnel scenes were especially nail-biting and claustrophobic. *Shivers*
It's not an academy award winner by a long shot, and we barely get to know the couple and what they're dealing with in their relationship, but as far as cheap thrills go, it rules. It's also not very long which is always a plus in my opinion.

In closing, here's another Luke Wilson pic, just cause I want to.