Thursday, October 28, 2004

Well its been awhile since I checked in....but not much has happened! I got a win from DC Comics, but I have no clue what it is. I sent back the affy via Fedex today, hopefully I will find out soon what the prize is! Lauren won again on, she won a jaunty little denim hat. HEHE. I bought a cat CONDO for the kitties to play on, it just came today. As soon as we get it up and I get a chance, I will take some pics of the kitties hanging out on it and post on my site. They are going to love it! :) This past weekend we went to the movies and saw The Grudge. James is still mad at me, but honestly, I just wanted to see something scary and it was the only thing playing. It wasnt AWFUL but it wasnt the best LOL, and it did have some scary moments. Lauren spent most of the movie with her hand over her face asking me what was going on. Dont you love that?? ARGH. Oh yeah, speaking of Lauren, I asked her to do the dishes the other night (a very rare occasion). Well she throws them in the dishwasher with food all over them! I have run the load three times now, and finally had to wash a bunch of the dishes by hand because the food particles got stuck to everything in there GRRRR. Then I opened a cabinet and chocolate milk starts pouring out, apparently she spilled it and it went inside the cabinet, all over some grocery bags I had saved and inside pots and pans. Teenagers- cant kill them, cant live with em.
Also my computer in the liv room has all sorts of menu bars and search tools on it, double GRRR where she has downloaded a bunch of crap. I ran adaware and spybot but one of the search bars is still there, and its hiding so I cant delete it. I am ordering pizza delivery tonight and chilling out. Why couldnt it be Friday?? WAAAA