Monday, March 19, 2007

Ok who is the Chicken Sniffer

I get a kick out of the searches that lead to my site.
"Chicken sniffer"?- someone from Morocco was googling that one.
"Lubricating a rubiks cube with baby oil"- Do I even want to know what this is about??
And the most disturbing one of all, someone looking for "Tyne Daly nude". How scary is that? Of all people to be searching for naked, she would be like the last one I would think of. And to satisfy your curiosity, no I do NOT have pics of her nude on my site. I hope to GOD they don't exist.
Not much went on this weekend, Alex's softball thingie was cancelled due to the wet field so I got to sleep in on Saturday, yay. However I woke up grumpy with a headache so I didn't get much accomplished. I did watch Bad Santa on Saturday night on Comedy Central. I forgot how much I loved that movie. Its soooo wrong yet so hilarious. That kid cracks me up, he is so freakin clueless. Kid: "I made you a wooden pickle" Bad Santa:"why did you paint it brown?" Kid: "Thats blood, I cut myself making it". lmaoooo.

"Can I make you some sandwiches?"