Monday, March 12, 2007

The stuff dreams are made of, whatever it is, Its weird.

Due to the fact that my cats decided to meow, growl and fight with each other RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM DOOR all night long, I was awakened frequently. Thus I remember what I was dreaming. First I dreamed that everyone in my family had dyed their hair a weird color and they were all standing in my bedroom. I was quite upset as Lauren's beautiful red hair was now platinum blonde with black tips, and Alex's gorgeous blonde curls were replaced with a shiny black bob that made her look Asian. I was like, "What is wrong with you guys what have you done???" Then I woke up. The other dream I remember was that I was back together with my ex-husband. Ha. Anyway he dropped me off at the gynecologist for an appointment and while I was in there he traded in my nice big comfy Honda Pilot SUV for a dirt bike. He came to pick me up and it was raining and he made me hop on the back of this bike to go home. Then he tells me that he only got $5000 for the Pilot at the dealership. Its only a few yrs old and I paid $30K for it. I was livid. Then he proceeds to tell me not to worry cause he is going to make a fortune picking up women at the dr office on his dirt bike and taking them on errands. He said he already picked up one lady who had an STD and gave her a ride home. I said, "GREAT I am sitting where she was sitting! Now I will have some venereal disease you bastard!" I woke up soooo mad. Then I went back to sleep and yet kept dreaming that my Pilot was STILL gone and I was trying to negotiate something with the dealer to get her back. He had slapped a sticker on her for $25,000. It was so stressful. When I finally woke up for good and left the house this morning, I hugged my Pilot fondly. I love my Pilot. LOL.
In other news I went shopping Fri evening and bought more crab legs. I said, "heck I will buy 4 lbs this time, cause we were still hungry last time". Well by the time Lauren and I got to the last few crab leg clusters, we were so sick. Between us we ate all those crab legs PLUS one stick of butter each to dip them in. I said, "Lauren do you realize that we each ate a stick of butter??" UGH I felt so sick. Lauren went and laid down and I just sat on my bed and groaned for a few hours. No matter how good something is, or how much it costs, sometimes it just ain't worth it to finish it off.