Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy Halloween!

Well this was an exciting weekend. NOT! My back hurt real bad Friday and then Saturday I was extremely depressed (PMS SUCKS!). I got Alex all dressed as Tinkerbell with fairy dust everywhere, and took lots of pics (see new pics in Kids folder, and also pics of the new cat tree in CAT TREE FOLDER). I put the cat tree together myself!! Anyway, Alex's dad came and got her to take her trick-or-treating, and Lauren went to stay with a friend in Morehead City. So I was all alone for a few hours, then James came over and was bummed out cause we had no kids but were still just hanging out at the house. In all fairness, I was freaking out because I got a nasty virus on my beloved laptop, and he had worked on it all day Saturday but finally I had to just take everything off and reinstall everything (waaaaa). I now know how to save all my emails, so if it happens again, I wont lose them like I did this time. I was not able to do my sweeps for three days. Finally got online and running Saturday night at 1030 and managed to do all the ones ending 10-31 at OLS (there were over 500, sigh). So we watched a couple of scary movies and he got drunk on screwdrivers and fell in the floor. A fun evening was had by all.
Today, I went to pick up Lauren cause she was not happy at her friends house. (Apparently the house was HOT, they had no FOOD and most importantly, no PEPSI and Lauren was about to die of withdrawals). I picked up Alex first, then Lauren, and we went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. Fried cheese appetizer, and cheeseburger (Alex of course had the chicken and fries--she never varies her menu) Then we went to Walmart, aka HELLMART where I got lots of food (Healthy Choice for lunch, special K red berries for breakfast) and the following meals for this week: Salmon, green beans and baked potatoes, taco salad, tuna helper, sloppy joes. Woo hoo thats four nights I have all planned out, which is like a record for me. Alex picked out some princess gloves even though it is like 85 degrees and humid, and Lauren got a coat and shirt and a MOOD RING, along with shampoo that cost $6. I got myself some new bath bubbles that looked soothing, a couple of trashy celeb mags, and some cool nail polish. Can you predict my evening? Oh yeah, forgot to mention I got some wins!! I won another Outback GC $45 from a local radio station, and I got a letter from National Examiner that I won the pink jelly status purse, worth $68, from a mail in (I sent in 3 postcards). So all in all, I did pretty good this week. I'm going to do my dailies, download some new music for the ipod and go take a nice bubble bath with my trashy mags. Tomorrow is the big day (drum roll) when I pick the winner of my sweepstakes!! I am excited!