Monday, February 21, 2005

Kids, they are so darn cute!

F&*# YOU, Teletubbies! Posted by Hello
I just left the office on my lunch break, headed for Eckerd's to pick up some haircolor and allergy medicine. While I was attempting to pull out, this brown beat-up Escort pulled out in front of me, and the small child in the back gave me the finger out of the window. I have been saluted before, but never by someone in a car seat. Their parents must be so PROUD!!

I picked up a few haircut books while I was there, in the hopes of finding something suitable for my fat face. Unfortunately, all the styles in the books are either soap opera hair or some kind of punk rocker chic. I hate my hair. Its long, straight, and THICK and weighs a TON (it is naturally red, or should I say red with a few white mixed in..GRRR) I would love to have a small cute little face so that I would get it all chopped off and still be somewhat attractive. However, I go into the salon dreaming of looking like Keira Knightley and depart crying my eyes out and looking like a disturbing BEFORE pic.

I got a nice box full of goodies from my bestest bud Crys today, she gave me a cute little stuffed frog, a heart cup, some candy, earrings, candle, bath stuff, moisturizer, handmade envies, was all soooo cool and I love everything. Last week I got a package from my other bestest bud, Beth, that had a candle, bath stuff (in pomegranate, my fav), a book, frame, nightlight,mug and candy... it was all totally ME and I love it. You two are the best!! James gave me an atari console (the new one that has 20 games on it) as I did request it on my froogle wishlist....however, I have since determined that although I was the Breakout champ 25 yrs ago, nowadays I just plain SUCK. I blamed it on the joystick, which was crappy. Anyway, my office is bright and cheery today, with the yellow daisies my sis Elaine gave me and the cute froggie from Crys :)

The other day I was behind a truck on my way home from work...they were so slow I was cussing behind them...then I noticed in small letters scrawled in dirt on the back of the truck "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE". Had to laugh...I just love when folks do that. Have a good one!