Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cat. I'm a kitty cat. And I dance dance dance

This song is very catchy. I find myself torn between singing this song or the NUMANUMA song. I simply must make a cd so I can sing these in the car.
I posted new kitty pics on my pic page, be sure to check it out!
Go to pictures, then click on BUTTONS for the newest kitten pics...he is so freakin adorable!!
the cuteness, the cuteness, nooo make it stop its too much!!!

Here is how my afternoon went yesterday:
After work I went to the grocery store, armed with a shitload of coupons and a very long list. To my embarrassment I got stomach cramps and had to use the restroom in the midst of my shopping :( I headed for the bathroom and DAMMIT there was someone in there. Well I waited until she left of course cause its so damn embarrassing. I hate NO, DETEST using public restrooms for #2 but sometimes you just can’t help it.
Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo he loves me and I love you, a present from down below, spreading joy with a heidi ho
Anyway when I went to flush the toilet the handle got stuck and it kept flushing over and over and over again and its one of those REALLY LOUD POWERFUL toilets. I washed my hands quickly and ran out before someone else came in...LOL.
While going through the checkout I noticed the guy ahead of me looked like Colin Firth (Bridget Jones Diary, Pride and Prejudice) except he was old and fat. Other than that his face looked just like Colin's. He was buying tons of apple juice and sushi rolls that had nothing in them but rice. The checkout girl was asian-looking and she was flirting with him and kept talking about the sushi rolls. *jules waiting patiently in line rolling eyes* Finally I get up there and I had a cartful ladies. She rang up all my stuff and then it was coupon time. The girl took my coupons and started ringing them up. There were a lot, I'm telling you. She kept ringing them up and ringing them up and then she looked at me and gave me this nasty look, like I was a waste of space or something. It pissed me off. Hey I'm just trying to save some money at your expensive grocery store, and you can kiss my big ol ass. Finally she got done and after some confusion about me buying one or 2 packages of easy mac, she rang up the total. Ready for this?? I saved $51.45 using my coupons. I was right proud of myself. Then she started rolling up my receipt and she looked at me and said, “great…more coupons for you” as she handed me the store coupons it had printed out. BITCH. Unfortunately although I had managed to fit all my groceries into one cart effortlessly, after being placed into wafer thin plastic bags, they no longer fit into one cart; therefore I required assistance to my car. Luckily an old friend of mine, Rob (used to be married to Mary-Mary) works there and he ran over and said he would help me. All in all it was a fun shopping trip to Lowe's Foods.
I got home and we cooked hot dogs and hamburgers on the indoor grill. Lauren ate a hamburger, a hot dog, chips, a pickle, then she needed a snack 5 mins later so she had a big croissant...then she was still hungry so she fixed a big bowl of mint oreo ice she still had the munchies so then she ate a few fruit by the foot and made some popcorn. James remarked that he was glad Lauren had a fast metabolism and he hoped it stayed that way. If she had mine, she would be wider than she is tall. Her dad was so skinny he used to have to get LARGE milkshakes from Dairy Queen just to maintain his weight...I think they have like 1300 calories or something. Bastard.
Time to go home and party like its 1985. Oh those were the days. Did I mention my bday is coming up?? YIKES. #37.