Sunday, February 20, 2005


Jeff and Harvey celebrate their love Posted by Hello

Thanks to SILK for mentioning me
with an update on the gay penguins.
Ok so yesterday was my 37th birthday. I felt a bit down and depressed. I feel that 4-0 looming ahead of me and even though age is just a number, I don't like that one. I was hoping to have my entire life in order and my body in tip-top shape before I reached that age...yes I have 3 years but geez. The pressure is on. We went out last night for Japanese food at a local restaurant called Kabuto's. Even though we made a reservation we still had to wait and by the time our dinner was done it was too late to catch the movie we had planned to see (Constantine). Hopefully we will be able to see it tomorrow night. We came home and I spent several hours downloading songs onto my iPod (now have 1096 songs on that baby) and then we watched P.S. a movie I rented from Netflix. It was pretty good, I just love Topher Grace (Eric on That 70's Show) and he was excellent in it. He kills me when he does that eyebrow thing. HA! Today I have another raging headache from hell and we just got done watching The Notebook and crying our eyes out. Yes its sappy but sometimes sappy can be good. And a good cry never hurt anyone. I made cupcakes for myself Friday night and ended up throwing them out today...apparently the kids did not like them, they were chocolate cupcakes with lavender buttercream frosting. Usually when I make cupcakes they are gone the next morning. Alex got injured Friday night... she has this big wooden puzzle that is very heavy and she threw it on the bed. I didn't see exactly what happened but apparently somehow she hit her head on it. All I know is, within 10 seconds she had a HUGE LUMP on her forehead that looked like she was growing a horn. Lauren filled a baggie with ice and I applied it for 15 minutes, then I put some fantastic cream on the injury (its called Arnica + Pain Relief Cream and it's made by Homeocan) Anyway, next day she didnt even have a bruise. I highly recommend this cream for any really works. Lauren decided to clean Alex's room by throwing everything in there into the game room. Pretty soon we won't be able to see the ceiling in there. I am nearly to the point where I want to just throw a match and walk away. Speaking of matches, I bought myself some awesome candles at Pier One...I spent $43 on candles (i know) but I just love their stuff. I also got some black wooden chopsticks as mine have gone missing for some reason (methinks they are somewhere in the depths of the Pigsty de Lauren). I am such a sucker for candles, bath products and perfume, what can I say? I am a girl. I enjoy being a girl. Although if given a choice, I would rather be a gay penguin.