Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's only Wednesday??

I got some more gifts from James last night, he gave me an electrostatic ball thingie and a movie (little Black Book), bought ingredients and cooked supper and washed dishes. Then he forgot to turn off the electric grill all night; shocked himself several times by sticking his tongue on the Electro Ball; and accidentally spilled ice cold water on my face while I was relaxing in bed.

I just saw
that Lauren took my suggestion literally and thanked her ‘amazingly wonderful’ mother for taking her out to Red Lobster Sat night and buying her loads of crap…thanks L.

Woman Runs During Wedding Proposal At Magic Game
This about sums up my feelings on marriage as well.
sing along.. Ma-ia-hii Ma-ia-huu Ma-ia-hoo Ma-ia-haa

In other news, my friend Crystal is back from her amazing trip to LA to see the Grammys. She won the trip from 7up in an online sweepstakes. Here’s what Crys had to say about LA:

GUESS WHO"S BACK!?!!!!! Yep it is me-Fresh (well
actually I am wiped out) from California. Aside from the frustration of this
morning and the battle with hotmail, I am feeling good, just tired. If I wrote
down all the exciting things that happened to me I would have a major hand
cramp and it would be a small novel! I will try to hit the highlights and if I
leave something out I will add later. It is soooooo
good to be home but we had a FABULOUS TIME!!!! Lots of new experiences, flying
a commercial airline, riding the Metro, walking through LA and Hollywood, yes
we walked the Hollywood Walk Of Fame-COOL. We saw some
celebrities before & after the Grammys. Some of
them stayed in our hotel-J Lo, Marc Anthony (whoopdedoo-they
sucked), James Brown (heheJules), Bonnie Rait, Los Lonely Boys, and Jamie Fox. Jamie Fox was coming
down the escalator and we were going up. Nobody recognized him. We saw the Los
Lonely Boys and Ronnie gave them a thumbs up and the
one in the bandana gave him one back. Then I waved excitedly with just my hand
so everyone wouldn't see. The guy with long hair waved back the same way and
laughed. He was being sneaky and grinning-so cool. They were awesome LIVE and
so was Lynard Skynard and Tim McGraw. JLo and
MA did not impress many people and Norah Jones sucked but I think she was
having earpiece problems. How did ya like Melissa
Etheridge's hair, or lack of it? We thought at first she was a man-duh. Before
Green Day went on they called for Pyro stand by so we
knew they was going to be fire shooting. At the end
there was a big boom that shook the whole place and scared some but that didn't
even come through on TV. We saw it on EST at the bar when we got back-wild.
Watching on TV was nothing compared to being there-AMAZING!!! Sunday we got on
the Metro and went to Hollywood-YEAH BABY!!! and
walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame and went to Mann's Chinese Theater and saw
footprints and handprints and signatures in the cement. I got a lot of pictures
of the different stars I wanted. Cool. We arrived and checked in with 7UP and
they gave us free goodies and a $300 mastercard PER
PERSON!!!!!!! WHOA!!!! One of them got spent on eating, shopping, parking the
car and junk. We rode a Lincoln town car to and from the airport and took a shuttlebus to the Staples Center. There were lots of
winners just through 7UP and other sponsors had sweeps winners too. The whole
crew there was so cool and helpful. The room was nice but nothing grand. The
rates were $225-$2500. We were on the 24th floor of 26-after our floor you had
to have a special card to get to the high dollar floors! hmmmmmm did I leave anything out? YEP,
(my brain hurts) Hehe
and my feet and back hurt. Any questions? haha Crys

P.S. I missed you guys!!!!!!!

My friends are winning such great trips, another friend of mine recently won a trip from Frommer’s for a 9 day tour of Italy. Am I jealous?? YOU BETCHA. Ralph, you suck. But I am happy for you anyway, because I am a very kind and supportive person. Everyone should be so lucky to have me for their friend. Except during PMS, the 2 weeks out of the month in which I turn into a she-beast hell bent on murdering anyone who comes within a 5 foot radius of her. Other than that, I am a wonderful person. At least that’s what the voices tell me. You’re good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you. Oh yes, they do? Yes they do.

how sweet…its our favorite may/december couple.
I just can’t decide between the pickle dish or the gravy boat.

I was just sharing this story with Christina the Feisty One, who also has an extremely strong willed four year old.
I was trying to take a nice, peaceful, relaxing bath. Alex was supposed to be watching tv, and sitting on my bed. I heard the baby kitten scream out, and I yelled at Alex to get back in the bed and not touch the kitten or she would get a spanking. Then she said "Can I come and get my spanking now??" Me: "WHAT??" Her: "I want a spanking"
Well I got mad and threatened to take away her most precious thing, her stuffed dog named Fluffy (she drags that thing everywhere) and to turn off the tv. That seemed to do the trick cause she started crying and said "ok".
I should know better than try to take a bath while she is awake.