Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Everybody open your mouth...

"Everybody just say ahhh... Everything will be all right...This won't hurt at all" -Barenaked Ladies "Get in Line". My fave song this week. Just got a shitload of my 'free' cds from BMG and I have been listening to BNL Greatest Hits the past few days. I'm also enjoying The Cure: Hits. I can't help but feel giddy with joy when I'm singing along with "Close to Me". I love happy songs :)
Well I promised myself (along with several others) that I would join the gym Feb. 1. I got my gym clothing together, my ipod ready, and found two matching shoes. Hauled my sorry ass to the gym and discovered that they have STILL not finished the new section (it burned down in April 2004). They had about 200 workout machines crammed onto the basketball court. I was informed that a family membership would run $59 and that the new section would be simply fabulous once its ready, sometime in April. I said, I will be back then. I have a lot of my own equipment at home, but I went in the gameroom last night and looked around. You wouldn't believe how much crap Lauren has put in there, its so discouraging. I am going to have to just throw everything away I guess cause I have nowhere to put all this garBAGE. You can hardly walk in there for all the crap. :( I guess we will attempt to tackle it this weekend. I need some uppers or something to get me motivated for that job. lol.
Lauren cleaned her room last night and when I got up this morning the sink was OVERFLOWING with dirty dishes that came out of there, with food caked and dried on them. *sigh* so much for her being good and cleaning up the liv room the other night.
Alex called me this morning, it was hilarious. Laraine says, Alex wants to talk to you and she put her on the phone. Alex goes, "Mommy, I love you so much. Can you go on eBay and find me a catwoman costume for Halloween?" this child just turned 4 in November. I said I would try my best and did she know Halloween was a long time from now?
My dad also called me today, and just when I was doing so good on my diet he goes and makes a pork roast and mashed potatoes and stuff for lunch and invites me. I said HELL YEAH I will see you at 12.

My boss aka brother informed me yesterday that he wanted internet on his computer. This is the same person who a month ago told me if I didn't stop using the internet at work he was going to have it cut off. Ha. So, I ordered a Netgear wireless router and a wireless adapter for his computer, and I had the whole thing set up in less than 30 minutes. I'm downright proud of myself :) Now I have spent the rest of the day trying to finish downloading Windows updates. Download, install, restart. Repeat until you have lost your freaking mind. Praise Buddha it's time to go home. Fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob tonight, y'all are invited. (not)