Wednesday, January 05, 2005

a baby for boots

Boots had a baby boy on New Years Day! We took her to the vet yesterday and since there is only one kitten she isnt producing enough milk so we will have to supplement with bottle feedings. Unfortunately the vet didnt give us a bottle, she told us to use a syringe. Well we tried last night and it was just impossible. we got maybe a drop inside of his mouth. So James is going to go to the pet store today to try to find a bottle. He is very fat, and when he isnt nursing he's sleeping so I really don't think he is starving. They told us to mix 2-1/2 tbsps of the kitten milk in with Boots' food also as it will help her produce her own milk. Boots is the orange tabby and the daddy is Mojo the black manx so Buttons (the kitten) is an orange manx LOL. He is soooo cute. I neeed to charge up my camera battery so I can take some pics of him to post here.
I dont think Boots knew what was going on. We had suspicions that she was pregnant but she wasnt very big, not like most pregnant cats you see. (Now I know why, there was only one, isnt that funny). New Years Day she came and jumped on the bed and started meowing pitifully. Ok, Boots never meows so I knew something was wrong. Then she jumped behind the dresser and I heard her let out a yelp of pain. I called her and tried to reach her but I couldnt get to her. Well I walked into the kitchen and Boots ran out there after me. Her butt was all wet, and I thought she had diarrhea again or something. Then I was standing in the kitchen with all the cats and I heard meowing coming from the bedroom. I was like, WTF???? I walked into the bedroom and sure enough there was loud meowing coming from behind the dresser. I went and woke Lauren up and we got a flashlight and Lauren crawled back there. Well Boots heard the meowing and walked over to the dresser and starts hissing and growling. I got scared that she would hurt the kitten or something. Then all of a sudden she jumped back there, and a minute late she jumps back out with the kitten in her mouth. We had a little cat bed and she laid the kitten in there. Right now she is staying in Alex's bedroom with the kitten but when I am home she and the kitten stay by my bed. The first few days she would not nurse unless James, Lauren or myself was sitting next to her on the bed, but she seems to be getting the hang of it now. I cannot wait until this kitten is a little bit older and I know it will be ok. It is so small and helpless right now, and I am worried sick about it! I guess they are pretty tough though, James said yesterday at the vet, Boots was lying on top of the kitten and the vet didnt see Buttons there so they picked Boots up and the kitten was still attached to her tit and he went flying onto the floor. Poor thing. I am already attached to this baby and now when we start bottle feeding it I will be so emotionally attached to it I just know it.
I have my new contest up on my site, this month I am giving away the Wonder Woman Season One DVD that I won from DC Comics. I will put some other goodies in there also for the winner. I also added a funny quotes page, and put my Sweepsheet Profile on there. I need to scan that thing again, it looks like crap!! Its on my to-do list.
I have been on time for work every day, in fact I have been EARLY every day. yesterday I was 40 mins.early. The hardest thing is staying off the internet. God I am so addicted!! And tired. waaaa. I am not a morning person, I like sleeping til about noon LOL. At least Bud didnt quit smoking yet, he was grumpy enough!! I hope he doesnt read this :P