Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year. May it be better than 2004. PLEASE?

Well Christmas is Over (TG) it went okay...could have been worse. I mean, nobody died or anything. I got some nice stuff, mostly gift cards which I need to spend. The kids seemed happy with what they received, and James liked the crap I gave him. As for my 'gift basket' experiment (I put together an assortment of my fave things, candles, lotion, candy, mug from pier one, beach scented soap) I got 6 positive responses, 2 negative, and 4 no comments. So overall I think it was a good idea. My sister Elaine (a negative response) called me one day to report that the avon stuff I gave her caused a severe allergic reaction. I said, Elaine, what happened? She said, my face is bright red, swollen and I cant open my eyes. I said, Elaine, what did you put on your face? I only gave you hand lotion. She said, the stuff in the little bottle. *jules rolls eyes* she put body wash on her face. I think its time for some new glasses there sis.
I actually got a lot of wins last week, well Lauren did anyway. I won a ps2 game from cartoonnetwork, lauren won some neutrogena scrub, a burton hat from, a pink iPod mini from LEI jeans (woo hoo), a Polly Pocket rock-n-rollercoaster from, then this week I won two sweeps in my nephews name, he won the batmobile that is activated by the tv show, and the batcave ($100 value) and James won the Hasbro set of three board games which is very nice. So the past couple of weeks have been pretty good wins wise. Nothing major but hey!
I threw some hot mustard sauce packs in my purse the other day and of course one of them exploded. So the entire bottom of it and everything in it was covered in mustard sauce. YUCK! I took everything out and washed it (its a nylon messenger bag from Old Navy, I love it, it has tons of pockets)and now it smells like GAIN and I cant stop sniffing it. Yes I am a GAIN sniffer. I found a freebie the other day, it was a GAIN car air freshener. YAY!! I cant wait to get that baby. I will be sitting in my car all day sniffing it.
I had to work today (grrr) and when I went in this morning there was a nice note from my brother listing 13 items that I needed to start doing as of 2005. GREAT. I have to be on time (OR ELSE) (hey what can i say, I am not a morning person), I have to give him detailed reports of everything, I have to take the trash out to the dump, stop getting any packages or magazines at the office (sometimes that is NOT my fault, I tell UPS to deliver to my house, and I always put my home address, but yet they ALWAYS bring to my work) also I have to be polite (I thought I was but apparently someone complained to him about me being rude. Anyone who knows me knows this is NOT true, I am investigating and whoever it is will be punished severely.) also I am supposed to only take my kids to the dentist or doctor on the weekends. HELLO? My dentist only does ortho appts on Mondays and my pediatrician, gyno, eye dr. etc....are all closed on Saturdays. I told him I had no problem with anything on the list except for the dr. thing but its very rare that I have to go, so what is his prob? GEEZ. He also wants me to stay off the internet or he is cutting it off. :( That part sucks. I dont enter sweeps at work, but I do read the message boards at Sweepsheet, check my email, and chat on msn. So I guess I wont be doing that anymore. So I guess 2005 cant be better than 2004. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa